Alex & Emily head to MKR final

Queensland couple Alex & Emily are headed to the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final after last night defeating WA waitresses Stella and Jazzey.

The Queenslanders scored an impressive 53 out of 60 points including a perfec 10 from judge Pete Evans.

“It’s everything we wanted and I can’t believe that its happened” the pair said.

Stella and Jazzey scored 37 points after being hampered by technical difficulties.

“You want to go on a high and that definitely was not our best three course so we’re disappointed in that way, but to come third… if this was the Olympics we’d get a bronze medal!” they said.

On Sunday Alex & Emily will face off against Victorian mums Kim & Suong for the $250,000 grand prize.

They will have to serve up a five course menu, producing a total of 100 plates for a packed restaurant in Kitchen HQ, including Manu and Pete, Colin Fassnidge, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan.

7pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. ironic to have a judge who has stated that all this type of food is bad for you and you must eat the type of food he states. as a judge on a food show

  2. Alex wearing that hat drives me crazy (not in a good way!) and Emily really does seem to have some major problems with her nerves. The two of them make me love my remote control just that little bit more. The comments made about Emily on social media are ferocious. I think Kim and Suong will win it !

      • I’ve been saying that since day one of this series. Why no one has mentioned this to them prior is beyond me. You wouldn’t get away with this at a restaurant or for that matter, any decent person’s home. Even my young children are appalled!

  3. every year the judges favourite pair get through to the grand final even though they often aren’t the best cooks. looking forward to he real cooking show Masterchef.

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