Amazon in talks to save The Expanse

Reports hint that a deal is near for sci-fi drama, recently culled by US network.

Axed US drama The Expanse is in discussions with Amazon Studios to greenlight a fourth season just 10 days after it was cancelled by Syfy.

The series, based on James S. A. Corey’s best-selling books, is believed to be close to a rescue deal.

Amazon had the US streaming rights and CEO Jeff Bezos, a big fan of the books, was reportedly livid when the rights were won by Syfy.

Netflix has international screening rights for the series, which are unlikely to shift should a fourth season proceed.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I was in middle of the second season when the cancellation announcement came. Such a shame. I hope Amazon (Netflix preferable) can rescue this. The show started picking up once they dropped Jane Thomas.

  2. If this deal happens it will be good news for The Expanse fans, the international screening rights by Netflix is interesting though, surely this will mean that Netflix money will also be funding this rescue effort with Amazon,which is one of Netflix’s potential high stakes streaming competitors.

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