Axed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Plus: Last Man on Earth and The Mick. Update: NBC revives Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

US sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been axed by FOX after 5 seasons.

Deadline notes it debuted to good ratings, followed quickly by Golden Globe wins. But despite being the highest-rated live-action comedy series on FOX this season overall it never drew wide audiences, with its ratings hampered by the constant scheduling moves.

The news has angered fans online. However sources tell EW that Hulu, which currently owns the SVOD rights to the series, and Universal Television are in preliminary discussions. Another outlet or two have also expressed interest, according to one source.

The series screens in Australia on SBS VICELAND.

Meanwhile FOX has also confirmed the cancellation of Last Man on Earth after four seasons and The Mick after two seasons. These aired in Australia on ONE and FOX8, respectively.

Updated: NBC has revived Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a 13-episode sixth season.

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  1. This sucks. I liked all 3 shows. I can kind of understand Last Man as you can only go so far with a show like that. B99 was always good for a laugh, but I’m most sad about The Mick. For me, this was the funniest show I have seen in years. Definitely my type of humor. I read that one of the reasons all 3 were axed is because Fox has picked up Thursday Night Football and had no more room for these shows, so with any luck, someone else might take them on.

  2. Damn Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the best comedy on TV after Sunny. I really hope a streaming service picks it up for a couple of seasons.

    B99 was one of those rare comedies where the main characters getting together didn’t hurt the show and one of the few comedies that didn’t drop in quality at all yet.

    I’m a bit disappointed by The Mick being cancelled it was a fun show but I think that was mainly due to Kaitlin Olson and my love for Sunny. Season 2 was a bit hard to get through I’ve only watch the first 6 or 7 episodes o far.

  3. Noooooo!

    How could anyone not laugh at the 69 position penis punching fight last episode?

    The ratings in the US have been terrible this season so this was always coming. I hope a streaming service picks it up. The fact that it is very rewatchable (I have watched the first season 3 times) gives it a good chance at a second life.

  4. ‘Last Man…’ was a victim of the loss of Fox products on 10-never completed the last season.-4 seasons was a good run given the scenario and the increasingly inaccurate title!

  5. This is interesting… is this a case of it being insanely popular amongst other regions except America…? I know millennials all around Facebook are crying out because of it’s seemingly premature demise.

    But returning from a month hiatus to 1.9 total viewers in the US is a disaster.

    1. B99 has 112 eps (plenty for syndication) and it’s made by NBC so Fox were tipped to axe it. The Mick has run out of ideas by S2 and it’s just become Olson doing Dee again. Last Man I never got – it’s a one idea comedy about annoying characters that isn’t funny. Fox will need a lot of new content for 2018/19 and whoever ends up owing Fox Studios (Disney/ABC or Comcast/Universal) will have few ongoing TV productions.

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