Axed: Designated Survivor

Another Kiefer Sutherland has reached an end.

Another Kiefer Sutherland has reached an end with ABC (US) axing Designated Survivor after two seasons.

Sutherland starred as Tom Kirkman, who became president after a catastrophic bombing killed the majority of the country’s leaders.

The second season, which included Aussie Ben Lawson, averaged 3.98m total US viewers and aired in Australia on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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  1. Season 2 looked a non starter after one episode, the story lacked any political punch and Kiefer had lost some of his POTUS kudos from season one. Designated Survivor was already competing in an intense political reality TV landscape the underlying left wing perspective of the shows presidency clashed with the real world of Trump, I suspect this would be a turn off for U.S. audiences.

    1. I really enjoy this show, I’m saddened that yet another one of my favorites is gone too soon. I have signed an online petition to save the show – Netflix might be my best hope. change.org/p/netflix-netflix-please-buy-the-rights-to-designated-survivor

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