Bachelor finale, Roseanne not enough to boost TEN.

Ratings: Not even a comedy revival and a TV proposal could shift TEN out of fourth place on Monday.

TEN’s Bachelor in Paradise finale scored in the demos and on social media but it wasn’t enough to come close to My Kitchen Rules.

The bulk of the show averaged 662,000 viewers, fourth in its slot, but TEN strategically coded a Proposal separately at 774,000.

Either way it was defeated by MKR on 1.1m viewers and The Voice on 905,000. Australian Story managed third in its slot with 669,000.

By 9pm ABC had hit the front as Four Corners continued. At 622,000 Media Watch ranked above The Mentor, Roseanne and a Sam Smith special.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase again won their slots.

Seven network won Monday with 30.7% then Nine 26.3%, ABC 18.0%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 7.2%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.1m) was #1 for Seven then Seven News (1.04m / 1.02m), Home and Away (743,000), The Chase (605,000 / 383,000) and The Mentor (472,000).

Nine News (1.03m / 990,000) led for Nine followed by The Voice (905,000), A Current Affair (893,000), Hot Seat (531,000 / 314,000) and Sam Smith Live in London (302,000).

ABC News (750,000), Australian Story (669,000), Four Corners (626,000), Media Watch (622,000), 7:30 (620,000), Q&A (417,000) and Think Tank (228,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Bachelor in Paradise (774,000 / 662,000) was best for TEN followed by The Project (551,000 / 364,000), Roseanne (463,000), TEN Eyewitness News (446,000) and Family Feud (352,000). A Montreal Comedy Festival repeat drew 207,000.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (225,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (218,000), and SBS World News (149,000).

PJ Masks topped multichannels for ABC KIDS on 223,000.

Sunrise: 277,000
Today: 242,000
News Breakfast: 101,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 April 2018

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  1. As per usual, Ten spent too much time airing promos for Roseanne so by the time it got to the show date, which as others have said was in a stupid timeslot, people had tuned out before it even began. Saturation advertising doesn’t always work…

    1. I cannot fathom what is going on at Channel 10. Who is making the decisions and why even with CBS backing the Network continues to slide downwards. The choice of programming is poor. CBS doesn’t really have a lot to offer. It hasnt really set the programming landscape alight. The programs might do well in US but here its a very different demographic. Why not spend some money on some more local fresh drama shows. Whta about one of the highest rating shows Offspring. May not have been a ratings blazer in its last season , but it was still in top 20 and I bet it rated batter than any current American content ( Roseanne sat at 20), or any mind numbing past their expiry date reality TV shows. Honestly 10 you deserve to go into administration again. Have you learnt nothing from your past experiences and viewership? Lost alot of your quality shows to other networks. You could take some…

  2. Ch 10 missed the mark with Roseanne an earlier 7.30 time slot would’ve been better and started the bachelor at 8pm I think the numbers would’ve been higher lols like Rosie is headed to Eleven

    1. PIB is winning the younger demographics against The Voice and MKR. So why would Ten screw that up and send those viewers to their rivals when they want them there watching Masterchef next Monday. They would also be hoping that a PIB lead in would get some of those younger viewers watching Roseanne. Those who watched Rosanne 30-20 years ago are going to watch it anyway.

  3. Bachelor in Paradise finale was never going to have the tension and anticipation like the rest of the franchise, there’s no ‘winner’. No surprise really. It’s demos were very good (comparatively) at least.

    Hopefully Ten don’t lose NCIS (new or re-runs), making a killing on ONE on Monday nights.

  4. I actually think Sundays episode of Bachelor in Paradise hurt the numbers for the finale, it was a total snoozefest…..They should have cut it down and incorporated it into the finale episode…

    1. Totally agree Terry, I’ve watched every episode, but bowed out half way through Sunday’s show, it was really dull and dragged out. Overall though i’ve really enjoyed the show and hope it gets a second season.

    2. Ten are good at doing that to ruin finales, they dragged out ‘Im a Celebrity…’ finale for as long as possible which made it a bit of a snoozefest & anti climax too.

  5. I am not losing sleep over it but still wondering what happened to The Destroyer appearing on The Chase Aust? I even googled it and only stories from when 7 first announced he was going to be joining the show months ago and about Channel 7 taking the Dark off his name as they have it in the UK. I only seen him appear once on the show a long time ago?

    1. There are promo’s running at the moment for him to appear this week I assume. I’ve seen him in at least three episodes, although I’d have to say he is my least favourite Chaser, very smug and self righteous imo

  6. With Roseanne only about 20% of jokes hit the target but they took so many shots that a substantial number hit the mark. It isn’t the best comedy, let alone show on TV like the Americans believe but I will watch it next week.

    1. Bach in Paradise topped nearly every demo – hardly a train wreck. I’m sure CBS are happy with Ten given the price they paid and their long-range plans (pushing through ‘free’ CBS content as existing agreements expire etc)

  7. That’s disappointing though I’m not certain why Ten insists on 9pm Monday as a timeslot also the crossover in audience between The Bachelor and Roseanne would be pretty minimal.

    Remember when sitcoms yard v to have 7 39 timeslots? The advent of reality event TV has totally destroyed logical scheduling for everything else

    1. 1. If you don’t know who he is you cant be living in 2018.
      2. If you really didn’t know you appear to have access to some kind of device where you could google him.
      3. People think saying who is XXX is witty and funny. Spoiler alert – It’s not!

    2. Asking who someone is is really saying “…you have given me information about someone I don’t know and done it in such a way that implies that I must know who they are. I will ask ‘who on earth is this?’ in order to show you that your perception of who is important in the world, is actually not true for many people…”

      I know this is what it means… I do it myself.

    1. Yeah it is good and it is actually introducing us to where the characters are at now, which really plays out over the first 4 episodes which plays into the fifth. Very good in my humble opinion to restablish us with the characters like that and sticking true to the original about it not all about being for laughs alone.

      1. Ten really should have shown a double of Rosanne, like they did in the US, it would have made it more the event that it should have been. I did wonder though why the Connors still have the décor and furniture they had in the 90s, and still with the crochet rug. Even I have changed my furniture since the 90s, and I’m not a great one for change.

        1. Didn’t see it (didn’t watch the original either) but a fragment of an ep I saw somewhere explained it as “they’re poor” which is reasonable, but furniture subject to the wear and tear of their hefty bodies would be showing it by now…

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