Ballarat remembers Six Tonight

Australia’s longest-running regional Tonight show, Six Tonight, will be remembered this weekend at Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

The BTV6 show ran from 1971 to 1983, and was seen in parts of Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

Amongst the entertainers who appeared were Kamahl, John Farnham, Colleen Hewitt and even Eartha Kitt.

The Heritage Weekend will feature screenings, performances and panel chats with BTV6 technical staff at the Mechanics Institute.


  1. Ah for the days of local programs. WIN4 produced its own Tonight Show in 1981 hosted by Malcolm T. Elliott, being replaced by John Tingle a year later.

  2. It was a big deal for a regional TV station to have a Live Tonight Show that only covered south section of Western Victoria. It had a live band and biggish name guests. The last few years Denise Drysdale was the barrel girl for the wheel.

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