Family Feud to be “rested.”

EXCLUSIVE: Industry sources tell TV Tonight that TEN’s Family Feud will halt production.

Crew were told on Thursday the show was being “rested,” with a few more weeks before it halts.

Despite Logie nominations for the Grant Denyer-hosted game show, ratings have not been strong of late, last week averaging 298,000, lower than its TEN Eyewitness News lead-in of 415,000.

Against the might of Seven News and Nine News, on 968,000 and 916,000 respectively, that’s a tall order.

Late last year the show relocated from Melbourne to Sydney to save on costs under renowned producer Pam Barnes.

It isn’t clear what the show’s future holds, but TEN is currently casting for another quiz show, seeking Sydney-based teams of two skilled in general knowledge. There are rumours the new Endemol Shine series may be Pointless, which screens as a UK quiz on ABC.

An All-Star Family Feud special with former MasterChef champions screens tomorrow.

TEN and FremantleMedia have both been contacted for comment but did not reply before deadline.


  1. Would be a shame to see it axed without trying a new host. The format is very host-reliant, Steve Harvey makes the US version great. Someone with more of a comedy background would be suited to this. generally speaking comedy skills do not equal hosting skills, but this format could be an exception. I remember Grant hosted the first few weeks of 7’s “Million Dollar Minute” and ratings suggested the format was dead on arrival, but then grant was dumped for Simon Reeve who was much better suited and the ratings responded.

  2. Long over due resting Family feud .i still reckon that time slot and the news hour needs a revamp old and stale and tired looking how can Ten pay Lisa Wilkinson two mil and not give her her own show. Seriously ten you must have money to waste .why not revamp the whole news hour and put Lisa on in a news anchor current affairs hour putting her on Sundays on the project was stupid that show has too many hosts as it is .lisa is being wasted at Ten might as well be on holidays .mediocrity breeds mediocrity at TEN.

    • Aussiecam58

      I agree give Lisa the opportunity by giving her a current affairs show. Tracey Grimshaw is not far from retiring so now is Tens chance.

  3. Ch 10 is doing pointless.
    Saw an ad last night asking for teams to audition and it clearly states the show is pointless. I love the show on the abc be interested to see who they get as the brains trust in the Aussie version.

  4. I guess Family Feud joins the long list of programs which have been “rested” but not officially axed, like a few Seven programs.

  5. given the fairly abysmal ratings for Ten news at 5pm (i’m amazed they even get that much especially with Steve Quartermain, a sports reporter doing a news readers job & one of the worst i’ve ever seen. I imagine alot of its simply people want watch news at 5pm rather than wait till 6).
    Since alot of Feud’s poor ratings are probably mostly attributed to it being up against high ratings news on 7/9, then why not put Feud on at 5pm instead of 6? Surely it could do better than the 415k the news got?

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1P5

        Been thinking that for awhile, TEN News had an appeal at 5pm before the other channels decided to take it on and do there 3-5pm (Nine) and 4-5pm (Seven), News ones, even the ABC does a 3pm one now on 24.

        Bring TEN New in at 5:30pm and people may watch and not chage over for the 6pm’s on the other channels, those at home at 5pm, have likely watched 7, 9 and ABC’s offerings. Only thing different is I think TEN would do better starting their Reality shows at 7pm and do hard finishes at 8pm, bringing the dramas like NCIS in at that time. The first two dramas being 8-9 and 9-10 would suit Australian bedtime routines well, however there has to no be over-runs or special 1.5 hour Reality episodes apart from debut and endings of them of course.

  6. Family Feud is consistently in the top 20 evening programs, and often one of network ten’s top rating shows! Its position & market share remains the same as it always was. The ratings only looked to dramatically drop when they stopped combining the figures across channels 10 & 11 years ago. And if they weren’t saturating their viewers with Family Feud enough back then, Network Ten now air it twice a day, six days a week! Plus the all star episodes, (& their repeats) which are obviously just used as a cheap, lazy & disrespectful way for Ten to cross promote their own shows, and fill holes in their programming whenever they feel like it. Family Feud is not the problem. It’s not a tired show. It’s the perfect, (entertaining, light, family friendly) alternative for that time slot. Network Ten are making a big mistake. Again.

  7. In two minds here for personal reasons. My family and I were actually accepted to be on Family Feud and told to just sit tight until they gave us a date for taping, so a bit gutted that’s likely not going to pan out! But on the flip side, Pointless is my favourite game show in the world. To the point that my husband and I have already sent our application in!

  8. Well I for one hope it stays. I enjoy watching it and having a laugh. Beats watching the news which is just full of gloom and doom.

  9. Pointless? Really channel ten? That show is your answer? I’ve watched the uk version and I think it’s so boring. Ok keep on coming fourth.

        • Nice pun, Maev, and I agree.

          I still cannot see the point of Richard Osman’s role as the host’s (Alexander Armstrong) assistant, even though Richard apparently created the show and pitched it to the BBC in the first place. It’s kind of Family Feud in reverse with all the fun and pace removed.

    • Mr Rampage

      Pointless is a great format… for me. But it’s all wrong for Ten unless they’re completely rewriting their demographic strategy.

  10. I remember seeing Denyer’s wife, Chezzi post on Instagram a few weeks back and my immediate thought was that the Feud had been axed. It would appear the post is a thank you to the team following the “rested” decision on 19th April.

  11. Bruce Banner

    Family Feud has run it’s course, it’s getting tired and I haven’t tuned in for almost 2 years now after watching it nightly.

    A local version of Pointless would be fantastic, I’d definitely watch that as I love the UK version.

    • Family Feud did relatively well for Ten and attracted a young audience. The show hasn’t changed that audience has gotten tired and moved on to something else. Pointless is an excellent quiz, and a lot of the reason is down to Alexander and Richard’s banter. But even then on UK TV with ads it drags with only a handful of questions in an hour.

  12. Family Feud did very well in its first two years, over 600k, a few eps did 700k. A shame audiences left in droves. Obviously didn’t have the longevity like Deal or no Deal. Chase and Hot Seat having good longevity. If only Ten didn’t lose broadcast rights to Simpsons

    • The simpsons lost the 6pm timeslot, long before ten lost the rights.

      I don’t think the simpsons was shown on the main channel since around 2011/2012, it was just on 11

  13. Great news that Grant Denyer will be off our screens. I can’t believe that Ten thinks that Pointless will rate. The name says it all.

  14. Sad to hear but ultimately the numbers just aren’t there and it will only be a tamer of time before Think Tank probably pulls ahead of it, but the other issue is will anything else work in that slot and what if it performs worse….Grant keeps this show afloat and probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the work he does. Gee I remember early on when it would regularly do 600,000+ viewers sometimes nipping at 7NEWS Melbourne

  15. Aussiecam58

    Being saying for a while now that Ten needs to make changes to their 6-7.30pm offerings. I still say they could try a harder style current affairs show host by Lisa. This could replace FF or move the project back 30mins and have a new show at 7pm upgainst ACA. FF in the middle of news shows seemed out of place. I feel the project should be cut back to 3 on the panel. 4 is to many especially when there are guests.

  16. “There are rumours the new Endemol Shine series may be Pointless”
    Heard (not saw) an ad calling for contestants last night during the project and it actually mentioned pointless.

  17. David you’re getting some pretty juicy exclusives lately, you must have some great insiders! I still think TEN should’ve installed Sandra Sully into a 6pm bulletin years ago to use her popularity to take on the might and tradition of 7/9 news.

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