Game of Games for TEN

TEN has greenlit a new family entertainment show Game of Games, which is created and hosted in the US by Ellen DeGeneres.

Contestants, who are pulled direct from the audience, have to manoeuvre massive obstacles, answer questions under crushing time pressure and face gigantic plunges such as Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Don’t Leave Me Hanging, Scary Go Round and Danger Word. — all in a quest to win a big cash prize.

It has drawn bumper audiences in the US of around 8 million viewers a week on NBC.

Ms DeGeneres said: “I’m thrilled that Game Of Games is making its way to Australia on TEN.

“And I’m already thinking of ways to make it better. For instance, in the US we drop contestants into vats of mashed potatoes, but in Australia it’s gonna be 100% Vegemite.”

Network TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Game Of Games is a big new show that is light, fun and engaging. It’s a blast of great family entertainment that is perfect for the back half of the year.

Game Of Games is unique. It packed full of big fun, big physical entertainment, big laughs and big cash prizes.”

Games Of Games is a Warner Bros International TV Production Australia production and will air later this year.

WBITVP Managing Director, Michael Brooks, said: “Game Of Games is the biggest physical game show ever filmed inside a studio. It’s laugh-out-loud fun and madness from start to finish and we believe Australian audiences are going to love it.”

TEN is yet to confirm an Australian host.



  1. They Should keep the host female. Gretel Killeen, Kitty Klanagan, Fiona O’Loughlin or even Julia Zemiro would all be good candidates. I’d probably go with Gretel though as she’s previously worked for TEN, still has some air time on The Project and IMO is a very quick witted, adaptable host.

  2. On the one hand, yay. But on the other hand will it be good without Ellen hosting? So will we get to see the us one ?

    Rove could host this.

  3. Both the new formats announced are very expensive. Even just a year ago, TEN could never have hoped to be able to afford to take a chance and make a Game of Games or Saturday Night Takeaway, buy Lisa Wilkinson etc. Seems CBS has approved a loosening of the purse strings! My bet is that eventually News will benefit from a cash injection too.

  4. The show works because of Ellen’s humour which is a little dry but also really accessible to everyone. It will really need to be a comedian to host an Australian version, and a family friendly one with wide appeal. Ed Kavalee springs to mind.

  5. I watch Ellen all the time and I have heard of this show she hosts and it sounds like fun. I hope Grant Denyer hosts (or Rove McManus).

  6. Perfect game show for ten. I was in the US recently and wondered when this show would make us way down here. Perfect fun and not just a. Copycat of everything else on TV. Starting to see some good decisions from ten with this and the Saturday night takeaway format. Looks like they are definitely going down the variety/entertainment path.

  7. I hope I don’t jinx it but as I was reading the article I could imagine Grant Denyer hosting this. Everyone has had enough of him on gameshows, haven’t they?

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