Good Gamers not happy social media accounts are closing

When a show is axed eventually the social media won't be maintained any longer. Good luck telling the fans.

They are a defiant bunch in the Good Game community.

Since their show was axed by ABC2 in early 2017 good gamers have continued to connect with each other and the show’s legacy through the Facebook page hosted by ABC.

But yesterday they were told that is closing too.

“We’ll finally be closing this Good Game page down at the end of the week,” ABC advised.

“We hope you’ll come follow us on our GGSP YouTube channel youtube.com/spawnpoint where we’re cramming in as much gaming as we can: Live streams, Quick Plays and heaps more.

“Thank you all for supporting GG over the years, we couldn’t have done any of it without you! Hopefully we’ll see you around the GGSP channel, if not, then until next time, may all your games be good ones!”

Good Game Spawn Point is the kid version of the long-running Good Game but many gamers are blaming it all on ABC cuts.

– “Rip. Will be missed. There goes all hope of a renewal. I however won’t be following spawn point, I would rather not contribute to videogames being focused on children.”

– “This page serves as a comprehensive archive — of the people, for the people — and to lose that would be a shame. I hope ABC TV will have the good sense to leave it stand as an enduring testament to what was a great television program.”

– “Blame the government cuts to ABC funding. Didn’t stop the reporting of their dodgy crap, but shut down a lot of favourite Aussie shows.”

– “Stop buying second rate TV Series from the UK and reinvest to local productions like “Good Game” which was the Best show of it’s type….!”

– “You guys are still awesome. Network television doesn’t have any vision about this. Keep us posted when you find your new platform.”

– “Lol were closing down everything because we need money for more propaganda stories”

– “Another TV show gone because of the greediness of the government that got to get their money somehow why not take it from the TV stations”

– “Will no longer be watching anything on the ABC. Miss you GG ❤️”

– “How about we close down spawn point, and bring back good game”

– “The budget really has hit ABC hard this year, all the quality content is going”

– “Bring back Junglist!”

Other social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram have already closed but YouTube continues.

7mate’s screenPLAY,  hosted by former Good Game presenters Stephanie Bendixsen and Nich Richardson, was axed earlier this month citing commercial realities.

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  1. I find the commercial reality line fascinating. Video games are a multi billion dollar industry. The networks just haven’t found a way to capitalize on it – the right solution would improve broadcast, streaming and social media outcomes for the network that finally cracks the nut. Here’s the first hint, dont combine non-video game reviews (movies) into a video game show. Keep it pure. Good Game had the right mix, hire Bajo and Hex and Nich – put the band together again and go all in with a multi channel strategy. The community will follow and advocate.

    1. The next interesting thing that’s happening in the video game/commercial TV sphere is Ten is showing an entire series of Rocket League championships starting this Sunday on ONE at 10am in eastern markets, but live around the country. It’s three hours each week for seven weeks. I love gaming, though I’ve never even seen Rocket League. I’ll be definitely watching this…

    2. I think there is enormous potential in gaming on TV, but not so much in review programs – people can look on the internet for reviews. It worked well enough for Good Game because of the personalities of the hosts and their silly little sketches that people who don’t game wouldn’t find funny but gamers did.
      People will however I think tune in to watch people gaming … it’s so huge on youtube and twitch, I don’t understand why none of the channels have given it a try.
      There was also a US reality show aired on foxtel a while ago, Ultimate gamer I think? It only lasted 2 seasons but I really enjoyed it.

  2. You’ve always reported really attentively on Good Game David, and this story in particular seems pretty under the radar — are you a gamer? Fan of the show? Have an affinity for the production team? Or just real good at your job?

    1. I agree. David’s support of this show has always been very much appreciated. But GG fans have always been very vocal when something has happened (who can forget the massive furore over ‘Jung-gate’!) so when they holler, their voices are heard loudly.

      1. Perhaps we can coax you into trying a PC game on Steam called Dream Daddy which was covered extensively by pretty much everyone to do with Good Game and ScreenPlay. I’ve finally caved and it is deliciously magnificent.

  3. Why can’t the ABC just hand over the Facebook administrator rights to one of the ardent gamers, declare that it is no longer an official site and the page continues on? It’s only a Facebook page. Not like it’s a going concern.

  4. I’m a diehard Good Game fan and a member of the Pocketeer community (I’m organising a rock climbing get together for Perth Pocketeers) so appreciate how the fans have clubbed together and supported everyone to do with the show. But the communities have found their niches and continue to thrive, we just have to accept the Facebook page always was an official channel for the production and that is now long gone. Time to let it go, folks. We’re thriving through the Bajonians group, the various Twitch streams and so forth.

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