Gruen tops entertainment shows on Wednesday

Ratings: Nine leads in primary channel, TEN tops demos, but Seven's multichannels help it clinch the night.

Gruen was the top ranking entertainment show last night, pulling 798,000 viewers for ABC, ahead of Britain’s Got Talent, Instinct & Modern Family (both from 8:45pm) and Lebanese Beauty Queens.

That helped boost The Weekly with Charlie Pickering from 550,000 last week to 673,000 last night too, also leading the pack.

MasterChef Australia won again at 7:30pm with 762,000 and topping the demos defeating Young Sheldon, House Rules, Home Delivery, 7:30, Big Bang and Secrets of Your Food.

Instinct debuted to a modest 428,000 for TEN whilst SBS won’t be happy with 152,000 for its Untold Australia doco.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase were again timeslot winners.

Nine topped primary channels but Seven network won Wednesday with 27.0% then Nine 26.2%, ABC 20.9%, TEN 19.6% and SBS 6.3%.

Seven News (998,000 / 971,000) was #1 for Seven then Home and Away (659,000), House Rules (651,000), The Chase (609,000 / 370,000) and Modern Family (414,000 / 315,000). Back with the Ex failed at just 152,000.

Nine News (978,000 / 965,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (825,000), Young Sheldon (703,000 / 312,000), The Big Bang Theory (590,000 / 216,000), Hot Seat (587,000 / 347,000) and Britain’s Got Talent (516,000).

MasterChef Australia (762,000), The Project (550,000 / 328,000), Instinct (428,000) and Family Feud drew 309,000 for TEN. This Is Us was just 166,000.

Gruen topped ABC with 798,000 then ABC News (713,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (673,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (638,000), 7:30 (591,000), Corey White’s Roadmap to Paradise (308,000) and Think Tank (276,000).

On SBS it was Michel Mosley: Secrets of Your Food (213,000), Untold Australia (152,000), SBS World News (135,000), and The Good Fight (120,000).

ABC KIDS’ Peppa Pig topped multichannels with 223,000.

Sunrise: 250,000
Today: 239,000
News Breakfast: 104,000 / 41,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 16 May 2018

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  1. David those figures for House rules are similar to when series 1 launched ? I wonder if the fallout of Jo Griggs rant on the commonwealth games has had an impact on viewers ?

      1. It’s not doing amazingly well, but it’s not that far behind Masterchef, and is allowing Seven to score a few nights each week. It usually builds over time, doesn’t it?

    1. It takes a while to get to know the teams, and to start to become emotionally involved in who are the goodies/baddies. At this point, the renovations are just revving up, and I think this year’s first renovation was a bit boring.

  2. Gruen was on safer ground this week in tackling the big Pharmacies. With Chemist Warehouse working on a 10% margin and spending $100m pa on advertising, it needs good marketing and they have it in spades. Todd’s opinion on CW’s sales psychology was enlightening. Appearances can be deceptive and Visual Marketing (VM) is an integral part of the customer’s retail “experience”.
    Whenever I enter either of my two local Pharmacies I’m welcomed by name, it must be my good looks!
    I wonder how I would feel if “meet and greet” was done by a robot.

    1. Quirky outsider joins law enforcement to help solve crimes, partner driven by personal tragedy in backstory, others in the police will question his involvement, someone higher up in the police will review his involvement/kick him out (briefly), probable long story arc with serial killer leaving new clues each week, possible personal connection between serial killer and main character.

      (Basically similar in all or some aspect to Castle, Mentalist, Blacklist, Blindspot, Elementary etc. Even Whoopi Golberg’s role seems to be almost a reprisal of her character from Star Trek Next Generation).

      Despite that I actually don’t mind it so far; it should be a good vehicle for Alan Cumming and I’ll be interested to see how it develops beyond the pilot and some of the tropes. Pilots on some of these shows are often a bit too predictable in setting the scene, backstory, characters etc…

  3. The last 2 weeks of The Good Fight have been really good. Last week because that shooting came out of nowhere and last night solving it and actually having another storyline about a case. There was no mention of Trump well last night but only in passing. anyway when they focus on other stories it’s an enjoyable show. Also well done on writing in the fastest pregnancy storyline ever.

    Im also watching Hells Kitchen. Even though it’s on later I still like it.

    1. That’s good for ABC. But I don’t know if game shows are a good idea on TEN against the 6pm news. Like Family Feud failed at six. Let’s see how Pointless will rate in that time slot.

      1. Seriously, I think it is also because the cast of Think Tankers are now becoming minor celebrities in their own right (like on The Chase) and therefore the show doesn’t have to pivot so much on Paul McDermott. Love Bruce, Caroline, Mik, Matt, Rachel and Emma.

  4. Am I right in thinking the second figure for YS & TBBT are the 9.50pm encores? If so, handy numbers.
    I’m not sure why ABC has moved on winding up this season of Think Tank given that it seems to be increasing (finally!). It’s good, harmless, easy watching TV. And Question Impossible does live up to its name, think I’ve got it twice.

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