Jeanne Little turns 80

Retired TV legend Jeanne Little turned 80 this week, nine years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Daughter Katie Little, shared the love for the star on social media: “She was a cool mum and I miss her unconventionality, energy, creativity, her practical nature & yes I suppose – even her stubborness!!

“Most of all I really miss her voce. Happy Birthday Jeanne Little.”

Little, whose outlandish costumes and appearances are synonymous with The Mike Walsh Show and Midday with Ray Martin,  is being cared for in a nursing home.

Jeanne Little Alzheimers Research Fund

Dementia Australia


  1. I loved watching Jeanne Little as a kid and mimicking her “darrrllinngggg” She made me laugh so much. What a great legacy. Its nice to know she has a loving family around her.

  2. David, thank you for including her Charity. As a member of the family (I’m her great-niece – my brother and I grew up with Katie), we are thrilled when she is remembered. My favourite “public” memory is when she was on This Is Your Life, and she got so excited about my nsn being there “she’s come all the way from Canberra”.

    • A pleasure. It goes without saying that there is nothing but respect for veterans, pioneers and trail-blazers here. TV is far too focussed on the next hot thing but it owes a debt to those who entertained generations.

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