Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: May 16

With all this Professor Brian Cox coverage on ABC anyone would think he was marrying Meghan Markle…

He is guest tonight on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. It does include discussion of his D:Ream days. Loved them!

On a near freezing day in a park in Chadderton, an outer suburb of Manchester, Julia meets up with broadcaster and scientist Professor Brian Cox. There he shows her the two trees his little gang of friends once used as goalposts, the bench where he had his first ever ‘snog’, and the spot where he scoffed his first bottles of sweet cider.

Eager to get on with a day of reminiscing, Brian and Julia set out from the park in an old Ford Fiesta for his alma mater, Oldham Hume Grammar School. Clearly excited to be back, Brian is full of positive memories and relishes showing Julia through his school. He tells her about his early love of the natural world, the fact that he was already pondering life’s big questions, and his ambition to study physics and astronomy. He laughingly recalls the days he walked the moors in an oversized coat, with purple goth hair and a healthy dose of existential angst.

As they wander the halls he tells just how important it was for his parents and grandparents to see him and his sister gain tertiary education, but when they reach the music room he confesses that after seeing a Duran Duran concert, he realised that boys who played instruments were attractive to girls, so he strategically pursued music.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.


  1. thedirtydigger

    The ABC is certainly pulling out all stops to get viewers to watch Stargazing Live next week ( what if it rains ) …Gee I’d love to know the budget for that 3 night special … including ( I hear ) flying in lots of BBC Brits ( business class of course ) to make sure those Colonials know how to make TV …
    Really , is this the best use of the ABC’s beleaguered resources ?

    • Firstly where are you hearing about business class? Secondly it is produced by BBC Studios. I guess if they care to shell out for that it’s up to them. I can’t see them hiring Brian Cox and putting him in economy from London. What kind of producer would do that to their talent?

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