Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: May 30

This week Julia Zemiro meets Louis Theroux, in South London, Westminster & Brixton.

This week on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery the guest is Louis Theroux, in South London, Westminster and Brixton.

Currently a resident of LA, Louis meets Julia in London – the city of his birth – and takes her
through the sites of his formative years in South London, Westminster and Brixton. They meet
outside his old home in Wandsworth where he is surprised at how much his neighbourhood
has changed since he was a boy.

And it’s no different inside the house with Louis exclaiming that it’s unrecognizable in parts.
He’s visibly thrown by the experience, referring to ‘Proustian associations of memories
bubbling up’. He tells Julia how it was growing up with his father a famous author, and how he
learnt that boasting about connections to David Bowie didn’t necessarily win him friends at
school. Louis also admits to finding intimacy awkward at times, and reveals he has a puckish
spirit that lets him see the funny side in mishaps.

They jump in a London cab and drive to the picturesque Westminster school which Louis
points out has close up views of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the main
courtyard. He leads Julia through to the magnificent ‘Up School’ where assemblies were held,
and tells her how he and his friends got into trouble for singing a hymn in punk style. Louis
laughingly recalls that when he made a documentary in the famous San Quentin prison, he
saw parallels with that environment – the dormitories and courtyards, male energy and the
jail’s gangs and cliques, and his boarding school.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

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