Just how bad are the lookalikes in Harry & Meghan telemovie?

Poor Prince William. We’re so sorry Your Majesty. Apologies to Prince Charles too.

These three cop the most shocking lookalikes in Lifetime’s Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance which screens tonight on Seven.

The opening scene in Africa with young Harry, William and dad Charles is such a shocker I couldn’t move from my couch.

But while the script is poor throughout, I have to say it’s the two leads, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Meghan Markle, and Murray Fraser as Prince Harry, that kept me watching to the end -almost in spite of the script. So that’s gotta be a sign of something mildly entertaining.

They manage to find some sort of sincerity until we veer off course with the rest of the Royals once more.

And yes there is a brief appearance by Meghan’s dad, brother and mother.

You can catch it tonight at 9:30 on Seven if you’re game. Keen to hear some feedback later!

And once again we are very sorry Your Majesty for the woman they cast in your role….


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I really dislike these sort of shows..not just the royals…but trying to replicate living people…rarely if ever works….and the top pic…Royals would never be dressed so trashy…if you are going to do it …do it right…this was wrong on so many counts….I did not even think about watching.

  2. Well, after reading this post, how could I Not watch some of it [this is a show I’d Never watch]. And it didn’t dissapoint [in the laughter stakes].

    However, my vote for worst casting was for the portrait of Diana seen on a wall in some palace [when Harry was introducing Megan to society]. Even the portrait looked nothing like her and added chuckle value to the “drama”.

  3. I caught the last 15 minutes. I thought they got kate, harry and meghan right, but gee poor William was casted by someone looking a lot older, prince charles was totally wrong and the actress that played the Queen was no Helen mirren.

  4. the “Harry” actor is about as close to the mark as they can get! he’s OK and the “Megan” character has a “sense” of her but it’s still a bit awkward

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