Nine’s 60 Minutes tops Seven’s Olivia drama

Ratings: The Voice also wins for Nine. Half of the Eurovision audience watch it Live in the morning.

Seven is likely to be disappointed in the results for its Olivia drama last night, pulling 735,000 viewers and beaten by 60 Minutes MH370 special on 872,000.

The Delta Goodrem-led drama drew a mixed response on social media and only hit the front once 60 Minutes ended.

Earlier The Voice also won its slot with 1.00m viewers ahead of MasterChef (from 7:30pm) on 723,000 and House Rules on 686,000. Seven’s renovation show doubtless was a contributing factor to the Olivia numbers.

Another will be the lure of Eurovision on SBS at 210,000, well down on 2017’s 308,000 -however nearly half the audience watched it Live in the morning.

Seven News at least won for the network as the top title of the night.

Although Nine led in primary channel share, Seven network won thanks to multichannels with 31.6% then Nine 29.0%, TEN 16.6%, ABC 15.3% and SBS 7.4%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.09m viewers then Olivia Newton John: Hopelessly Devoted to You (735,000) and House Rules (686,000).

Nine News (1.01m) was best for Nine then The Voice (1.00m), 60 Minutes (872,000) and Harry & Meghan: A Love Story (368,000).

MasterChef Australia (723,000) led for TEN followed by The Project (488,000 / 282,000), Roseanne (304,000), TEN Eyewitness News (299,000), NCIS (256,000), Family Feud (236,000), and SEAL Team (109,000).

ABC News (717,000), Prince Harry’s Story: Four Royal Weddings (577,000), Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence (504,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (212,000), The Checkout (160,000) and National Treasure (151,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Eurovision Song Contest averaged 210,000 for SBS (195,000 in the morning) and SBS World News was 128,000.

7mate’s Bourne Ultimatum helped the network win with 176,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 May 2018

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  1. I enjoyed the Olivia Newton John mini series,particularly the early scenes.But i thought the transitioning from the young actress who played the young Olivia to Delta Goodrem was handled a little clumsily.All of a sudden in 1973,when Olivia was 25,she suddenly morphed into a different person.I don’t think people generally change that much at the age of 25,lol.

    And this is just a little point,but i’m pretty sure I honestly Love you was a hit in 1974,not 1973 as depicted in the series.I know it’s not all that important,but you’d think the researchers woud have got something as simple as that right.

    1. I’m a massive ONJ fan. The first Livvy was great. She had her mannerisms and even looked quite a bit like her. They should have stuck with the first actress. I agree, thre transition to another actress that appears to be several feet taller than the first and was nothing like Livvy… oh and let’s not forget the terrible, terrible wigs they put her in. Suddenly, Livvy goes from sensitive, shy and sweet to vapid. And only two songs from her pre- grease days!? Not even her massive hits like Sam, Country Roads, Amoreuse? Thi be honest, the bouncing Delta in the ads was such a turn off. I hope the actress who played her in the first quarter is given due recognition.

  2. The elephant in the room – House Rules. Seven would have been expecting a big increase in viewers for the reveals, and while it is the biggest audience yet, it’s still far of from the 1m they would no doubt be wanting + beaten again by Masterchef, even with a half hour head start from the news! If they weren’t concerned last week, surely they are now…

  3. David, it appears that the IMDB listing for this production has been deleted. Is it a case of the entire cast and crew taking their names off this? That would be a first! Was it broadcast with credits in place or has it been completely disowned? Talk about ouch!

  4. Irrespective of whether you liked Olivia. This is the only Aussie drama on TV this week, besides the regular Neighbours and Home and Away! Not sure why miniseries earn huge drama points, but I think it is a sad state of affairs when there is such a deficit of Aussie drama reflecting the Australian culture on Free to Air TV!

      1. Yes, it is a silly tactic that never benefits the Australian industry! Water Rats and Blue Heelers and All Saints were competing on the same night back in the 90’s and I think Wrong Girl also was up against Doctor Doctor!?

  5. I thought Olivia was really good. I felt a LoveChild vibe, especially the first three quarters. The transition from the younger Olivia to Delta’s portrayal was quite seamless. Unlike some comments I have read elsewhere, I think Delta’s singing sounds very much like Olivia, whereas Delta’s speaking voice is a bit deeper and more husky. Three cheers for the casting, script, and overall production.

  6. I normally complain about networks not promoting their drama commissions but giving vast time over to their reality shows. Not the case here with complete over-saturation.

    That said the production was very poor and clearly had a desperately low budget. Nothing worked from performances to lip syncing to settings. Script was appalling vapid and avoided all the controversial elements of Olivia’s life.

    I just noticed there does not seem to have been any drama on Nine this year. Do they have any 2018 drama commissions?

  7. This has nothing to do with whether or not I like Delta, but the show looked “cheap and nasty”.
    Delta is a great performer, but I didn’t feel she was acting the part of ONJ.
    I also found the script ordinary and the location filimg dreadful.
    Seems this genre has had it’s day – the Paul Hogan, flop now this.
    After INXS and Peter Allen – maybe time for a rest.
    It’s got to the oint where I’m expecting a Joe Dolce miniseries.
    For the money invested 700,000 ain’t a success – seems around 24 million gave it a miss.
    I was hoping this would be good.

    1. I also thought the same about the locations. The scenes with Paramount Studios, isn’t that Luna Park, Sydney. Also the LA scenes looked like somewhere on the NSW coast. The should’ve used the real locations and it would’ve been a bit more realistic in my opinion.

      1. All Melbourne. CGI yachts on Port Phillip Bay as French Riviera! The CGI audience in Nashville required extreme scrutiny. But I thought it was very clever to restage You’re the One That I Want at the wrap party, because the set is so iconic and obviously not avail!

        1. I didn’t realise it was all Melbourne. Must’ve been Luna Park Melbourne then…LOL. I still would’ve preferred the actual locations thou to make it more authentic.

    2. Joe Dolce has a much more interesting and deeper body of work than you might suspect.

      A mini-series of him could actually be very interesting, provided they kept the Australian Wig Marketing Board out of it…

  8. Enjoyed Olivia but I do wonder if they would have been better off casting someone other than Delta and actually dubbing Olivia’s voice when singing. Delta and Olivia both have such distinctive voices. Not entirely sure Delta’s voice works because she’s so popular in her own right. Just my opinion. I do enjoys Delta’s versions of Olivia’s songs though. But she’s Delta. Not Olivia. Hope this makes sense. lol.

  9. I watched Olivia, thought it was quite good. The editing thou on the other hand needed a bit of work. For example, at the Grease Premiere the sing “Your the One That I Want” but when they were coming down the stairs, the song was still going but their lips werent moving.

  10. I intend watching Picnic at Hanging Rock at some stage but hope it hasn’t been twisted to fit 21st century PC obsessions by which producers / commissioners tend to push their own agendas and beliefs into changing ( ruining ) a classic Australian story.

      1. How could they provide any evidence? The is none and most likely will never be any. That’s why the media can keep making stories out of it by gathering a group of “experts” who all believe one theory and ignoring the evidence that contradicts it. They’ve all been doing it for 4 years. They claim to have pinpointed the area it crashed but that is based on modelling satellite signals and ocean currents where there are large errors and it’s never been tested before so we don’t know how accurate it could be. The plane broke up and the Black Boxes will likely be useless after 4 years on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. So unless you can find part of the plane with fire or explosive damage (which none of the parts that have washed up all around the Indian Ocean have) there is nothing more that can be learnt.

  11. I just saw the numbers for Foxtel’s Picnic at Hanging Rock.. Considering how much money would have been spent – It really bombed. I watched the first 2 episodes but haven’t been able to go any further. I really wanted to like it. Even though it is all on demand, the drop from last week is rather large.

  12. The biopic deserved better, easily the best since Molly I thought. First bit with younger Olivia was particularly good.

    House of bond, Brock, Hoges and Wake In Fright (albeit not a biopoc) were all really poor.

  13. The live broadcast of Eurovision is better – no risk of spoilers, less ads, less intermission pieces. Yes the time sucks, but I’m not surprised that fans are gravitating towards it.

    (I don’t know if there actually were less ads… But it definitely feels like there were.)

  14. Perhaps Olivia underperformed because of the endless promotion, so over hearing & seeing that dam promo, it was constant…you hated the show before it even aired, even my kids were groaning every time it came on…

    1. Yes you are so right ….Like the MKR promos they started in October 2017 and all thur the aust open
      by the time it starts you are over it already before the show starts ….

        1. I’m not sure why networks don’t cut 2 or 3 completely different promos for big shows, just to give audiences some variety. Most of these promos just feature clips from the shows, voice overs and graphics so they’re not hugely expensive. It’s just the creative that needs to be executed well. Seems obvious to me. At the moment any alternate versions that get done are similar in style to the original with a few shots or grabs swapped out – so not really different at all.

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