Renewed: Poldark

But will this be the last for Aidan Turner drama?

Poldark has been commissioned for a fifth series -but it could be the last.

The renewal was announced by Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays Demelza, at a UK media screening of the first episode of season 4.

But as Radio Times notes senior BBC sources have strongly indicated that the series is likely to bow out after series five airs in 2019.

Season 4 draws on the final third of Winston Graham’s sixth Poldark book The Four Swans and all of book seven, The Angry Tide, running until Christmas 1799.

No decision has yet been reached on what books scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield might tackle for the fifth season.

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  1. This has been the question since the series started, mainly because there is a substantial time-shift between the seventh and eighth books, which would require all the actors to age significantly. Of course, there is the option for the series writer to try to fill in the between years with her own interpretation, however she has done some terrible damage to the book story in the last series, so it is doubtful as to her ability to do it justice.

    In comparing to Outlander, there is one major difference. Unfortunately, the amazing writer of Poldark, Winston Graham is now deceased, whereas Diana Gabaldon, who writes Outlander is alive, kicking, and continuing Jamie and Claire’s story as we speak. Fans are waiting with bated breath for the next book.

    1. This is what I was wondering, whether the series writer would make up story for the 5th season to fall in between The Angry Tide and Stranger from the Sea. Because Aiden Turner has announced that he can’t play 50 and 50 is what he would be in Strange from the Sea.

  2. The BBC have a knack of producing excellent period dramas and Poldark is no exception, but everything has its day especially when the story is based on a series of books. While on the subject the same question could be asked about Outlander, it must be close to its final season as well.

    1. Being based on a series of books means you aren’t dependant on what your writers can make up in each year. The original BBC Poldark finished with The Angry Tide, because that’s all Graham had written then. But there are 5 more novels which they will use some of for S5 (and could another season or two if they wanted). Outlander is doing a novel per season and there are 4 more novels (plus 2 novellas, a short story and a graphic novel) left after S4. So Starz could do between 4-10 series from the books, it’s up to them.

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