Returning: Endeavour

Season 4 of Inspector Morse prequel begins this Friday on ABC.

Season 4 of Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour, begins this Friday on ABC.

“Game” aired in the UK in January last year. There are 4 episodes this series.

Endeavour, struggling with Joan Thursday’s departure, finds himself consumed by a nightmarish case hunting a killer. He must race against time to find the connection between a chess-playing machine & a baffling drowning.

8:30pm Friday May 18 on ABC.

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    1. Good question….. I can’t answer specifically (without further investigation anyway), but I can tell you it was planned for 7TWO in 2017 which I found in a quick search using site Tags. I would presume it screened as planned.

    2. Doesn’t seem to be. The last runs on 7two were the premiere of S3 in Nov/Dec 2016 & a repeat of S2 in Jan/Feb 2017 (sources incl. a google of tvtonight .docx program guides). Since then we’ve had the 10 week run of Pilot-to-S3 on the ABC in Oct-Dec last year.

      David, do you know if the ABC just showing Season 4, or will they be following with S5 (6 eps which ran on ITV earlier this year)?

    1. Not really…we’ve been getting quite a number of UK shows on the ABC quite soon after screening – some even while the season is still running in the UK. More surprising is that this even includes the odd BBC series (e.g. Ordeal By Innocence starting last night)! It’s mostly the old favourites (Call the Midwife/Death in Paradise/Silent Witness etc) we have to wait a year for on FTA.

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