SBS on Demand: Cardinal

Canadian thriller returns for its second season at SBS On Demand next week.

Canadian thriller Cardinal returns for its second season at SBS On Demand next week (not to be confused with Cardinal dramas closer to home).

This first screened internationally in January.

Both S1 and S2 are available.

A Northern Ontario town is the setting for this Canadian thriller murder mystery. Billy Campbell (The Killing) plays Detective John Cardinal, who works with Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse, Revenge) as they investigate major crimes and unearth the darker side of their picturesque community.

The second season begins amid the lush and green summer, but longer days and warmer temperatures also bring black flies. The calm of the Algonquin Bay summer is shattered when a living gunshot victim is discovered with a bullet lodged in her brain. Even after emergency surgery, the victim cannot recall who she is, much less who tried to kill her. Cardinal and Delorme uncover a possible suspect, but when he also turns up dead, they realise they may be seeking something – and someone – far more twisted and dangerous than they imagined.

Thursday, 10 May on SBS On Demand.

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