Seven signs Ricky Ponting

Former Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting will has reportedly signed a deal with  Seven for its cricket coverage.

It follows FOX Sports recently signing with Adam Gilchrist. That leaves the unanswered question of where Shane Warne will go, with Nine exiting their 4 decade deal with Cricket Australia.

Seven will broadcast Test matches and 43 of 59 Big Bash games, while FOX Sports will televise every game.

Seven is yet to formally announce Ponting’s signing, although Seven Sport has republished the information on Yahoo7!.

Updated: Seven confirms signing Ricky Ponting. He will be doing a cross from India during half time AFL coverage tonight.

Ricky Ponting commented: “Seven has long been the leader of live sport coverage in Australia and their plans for cricket will give the viewer a greater insight into the game. I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Seven and being part of an exciting new era of cricket broadcasting.”

Channel 7 Head of Cricket Dave Barham said: “We are absolutely rapt Ricky has decided to join Seven. He is a key signing and we will be building a formidable team around him. Australian cricket fans will hear him commentate Test Matches for the first time ever, in addition to his outstanding BBL commentary.”


  1. i would be happy to see Shane Warne disappear permanently. Surely the biggest gasbag of all the other nonstop chatter brigade on the 9 team. Many people got so fed up with it they muted the TV and turned on the ABC radio commentary. i did that once but unfortunately the radio broadcast was somewhat out of sync with the TV.

  2. Glad Fox didn’t sign Ricky Ponting as he is a gabbler and this becomes very annoying. Look forward to next Summer’s cricket on Fox Sport, the new home of cricket in Australia.

  3. >Seven has long been the leader of live sport coverage in Australia<
    They all say something like that when they change allegiance $$$ ?

    • What are you implying, are you suggesting such claim isn’t worthy? Seven (until 2020) will have had every major sport expect NRL.

      Olympics, Comm Games, Winter Olympics, AFL, cricket, Aus Open, Melb Cup, golf, etc etc

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