Seven strong on Thursday

Ratings: MKR was ahead of the pack on Thursday. Is ABC's Wentworth experiment working?

Seven scored in early evening viewing before Nine led in viewing from 9pm last night.

The second Semi Final for MKR easily won its slot with 1.19m viewers ahead of 7:30, NRL and Show Me the Movie.

There was staggered scheduling from 9pm making direct comparisons difficult but OzTAM puts The Footy Show in front at 403,000, albeit with a later edition in 2 markets. The AFL edition just eclipsed Seven’s Front Bar in Melbourne. Both TEN and ABC struggled with a Joel Creasey special and Wentworth, respectively. At just 141,000 ABC is likely to bump the prison drama.

A single episode of The Handmaid’s Tale at 236,000 was down on the double premiere last week of 270,000.

It was a tussle at 7pm with ACA ahead of Home and Away and ABC News but all 3 did pretty well.

Seven network won Thursday with 36.2% then Nine 26.8%, TEN 14.9%, ABC 14.6% and SBS 7.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 for Seven with 1.19m then Seven News (968,000 / 960,000), Home and Away (732,000), The Chase (588,000 / 377,000), and The Front Bar (289,000 in 3 cities). First Dates UK was 155,000 in 2 cities.

Nine News (919,000 / 916,000) was best on Nine then A Current Affair (788,000), Hot Seat (518,000 / 310,000), The Footy Show (403,000), and Thursday Night NRL (395,000 in 2 cities). RBT was 250,000 in 3 cities.

The Project (501,000 / 331,000) led for TEN followed by TEN Eyewitness News (415,000), Show Me the Movie (362,000), Family Feud (298,000) and Joel Creasey Fame Whore (219,000). A Montreal Comedy repeat drew just 135,000.

ABC News (717,000), 7:30 (535,000), Kiri (357,000), Think Tank (223,000), QI (163,000), The Drum and Wentworth (both 141,000) and Pointless (140,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (293,000), The Handmaid’s Tale (236,000), Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail (186,000), SBS World News (129,000) and Next of Kin (98,000).

Fireman Sam rescued multichannels to the tune of 201,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 3 May 2018.

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  1. “Fireman Sam rescued multichannels to the tune of 201,000.”

    I LOL when I read that … my grandson loves Fireman Sam. They are all repeats of course and currently at 7.40 AM !!! Just before the little ones need to go to kinda or school.

    However, I’m curious as to why the ABC never broadcasts any episode from season 7 episode, nor seasons 1 through 5 (just seasons 6, 8-10).

    Along with Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam was recently renewed for season 11, with the ABC one of a number of broadcasters that signed up: renewcanceltv.com/fireman-sam-bob-builder-preschool-series-expand-global-deals/

  2. Jump for Footy Show in Melbourne, after Front Bar winning last two weeks, even MKR lead-in (albeit still 30min later start than Footy Show).

    Looks like curiosity with Dane Swan’s statement to Eddie McGuire (sex tape news) and Kevin Sheedy guest (talking about Mark Thompson drugs news, former player under him).

  3. What were they to expect from playing Wentworth 5 years after it originally aired? If a viewer was to look online – bump into Foxtel advertising for season 6, it would easily spoil any storyline? Besides that it hasn’t had any promotion.

    Great show – but its viewership wouldn’t wait 5 years to see it – would’ve worked at maybe a year, but not 5

    1. I totally get your points (especially re: spoilers and delayed five years) but I am thankful for it airing on ABC as I have never seen it before. My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying it and hope that it isn’t bumped as we don’t want to subscribe to Foxtel if at all possible. We definitely want to keep watching and don’t know of any spoilers as we have never invested in reading about it. Hopefully it still airs but at a later time slot.

        1. For sure.
          A bit late to the party I know, but I’m loving Wentworth.
          Have always been meaning to catch up but have never gotten around to it till now.
          Some brilliant acting, especially on the part of Danielle Cormack and Nicole da Silva, and such heartbreaking stories.
          Really hope to see all seasons on ABC.

          1. If you think it’s good now wait untill you see from season 2 onwards hopefully they will show them

          1. Sounds good. Yes, I’ve heard Wentworth really takes off in S2. Really hope ABC don’t stop at Seaon 1…

    2. Less than 25% of Australian households have the Foxtel drama pack. Foxtel didn’t sell repeats of Wentworth till now, when all their subscribers who want to have seen it and the DVDs have been sold. The ABC is showing lots of drama repeats to fill slots at the moment: Silent Witness, Inspector George Gently, The Level, National Treasure and Midsomer Murders. At 140k Wentworth is doing better than This Is Us, The Good Fight, Homeland and cost a lot less. The question will be if they buy S2.

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