1. Shark Tank is back? But I’ve been getting emails in my Yahoo Mail account for the past few months saying that Shark Tank has been axed. I haven’t bothered to open any of them. Are these emails being sent by someone trying to stop people watching? Why? Could someone please explain.

  2. Studio10 is going down the drain! Stupid Ten! I hate the current set, it looks cheap and shit! As much as I love Angela she doesn’t fit a permanent role and neither does Denise, it’s gone from a very intelligent discussion show to a show full of crap and dull segments unfortunately.

  3. melbourneamy

    The Karl Kennedy death scene on Neighbours last night was an incredible performance by Jackie Woodburne aka Susan. Even if it wasn’t real, for a moment there, I was in tears thinking it was.

  4. thedirtydigger

    If a lame food show on 9 can beat a massive budget reality show on Seven , then alarms bells must be ringing somewhere.
    It’s turning into a case of viewers wanting to watch just about anything but House Rules.

  5. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1P5

    So many people gone from Free To Air TV that an 804,000 rating wins you a timeslot now … crazy.

    My check in shows that this time last year: https://tvtonight.com.au/2017/05/tuesday-9-may-2017.html

    Masterchef: 979,000 (down by 175,000).
    House Rules: 795,000 (down by 196,000).

    That was even up against the Budget as the shows started a week earlier last year, seems Eat Well for Less? may have taken some of the 371,000 at 7:30pm from MC and HR as Nines offering last year was The Last Resort at 414,000 (so 200,000 less on 9 last year).

    No Shark Tank last year, however NCIS was 563,000, Love Child 521,000 (better than MM: The First 100 Days) and Seven Year Switch 507,000 (better than Interview). NCIS bettering Shark Tank last year is not I think indicative of what it would have done this year, though it would have been the Pauley Perrette leaving episode … so?

    • There was a time when most of the top 20 was above a million – especially on a Tuesday night in or near winter.

      Talkin’ Bout Your Generation on Ten sometimes got 1.7 million if I remember correctly. Nine’s version will be lucky to get a third of that.

      (And yes, I know there’s load more channels and viewing options now, but good TV is good TV and give us good TV we will watch FTA!)

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1P5

        Yeah it’s incredible how much it has shrunk and yes there is Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime now, with maybe a little of Fetch TV”s $6 Variety pack cutting in to it and maybe being able to buy TV Series and Rent Movies via Google, Apple and Fetch.

        However year to year the FTA’s are not changing much on the secondary channels, Top secondary last year was 229,000 at 1 and 2, 215,000 at 3, then this year 206,000, 180,000 and 176,00 so also losing end to end. Foxtel top 3 were last year 80,000 (Wentworth), 76,000 (AFL 360) 66,000 (NRL 360) and this year 96,000 (AFL 360), 55,000 (NRL 360), 54,000 (Paul Murray Live), with Foxtel bottoming out at last year 43,000, this year 33,000.

        Bottom line is people are dropping off FTA and Foxtel in the millions each night, perhaps iView and SBS On Demand have a little to do with it also, however Gruen and Charlie Pickering are pulling in similar…

  6. MasterChef and Shark Tank are a double whammy of Channel Ten doing what they do best. It’s been a while but now is their time to shine. I’m loving having both shows back.

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