SKY News Business on Free to Air TV?

There is speculation today that some titles on SKY News Business could be getting a Free to Air broadcast.

The Australian reports the News Corp-owned channel is close to finalising a deal for select titles to air on one of Nine’s multichannels.

The “win / win” idea behind it is to promote SKY Business content to a wider audience, whilst giving Nine some dedicated business programming, presumably at low cost.

Nine is closer to finalising a deal with News Corp Australia’s Sky Business in a move that would see the subscription-TV broadcaster on a free-to-air network for the first time (why stop there… what other shows should we taste?).

SKY News was previously part-owned by Nine and Seven, before News Corp bought it in its entirety in
late 2016. Both free to air networks still supply news footage.

Sources said Nine and News Corp were also exploring other options to develop further partnerships.


  1. It’s interesthng how many stories about Foxtel just happen to end up in the Murdoch rags . Surely if you talk about media non divergence then u look at the way media rights for sporting events have played out in the papers . Surely a tactic to drive up or down prices for rights . This will be an interesting move from sky news . Surely a taste of what ten would have looked like if the Foxtel hookup had lasted

    • TonyWilson

      “It’s interesting how many stories about Foxtel just happen to end up in the Murdoch rags .”

      It is interesting how many stories about things on ABC TV end up on ABC radio, and yet we don’t really fixate on……

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