Which 3 countries gave Australia our televoting points?

Just 9 points.

That was the sum total of the Televoting result for Jessica Mauboy’s We Got Love in the Eurovision Final.

The European Broadcasting Union has now revealed full scoring of the Televoting which shows the breakdown:

Malta: 6 (thanks!)
Denmark: 2
United Kingdom: 1

That’s it.

38 other countries gave us 0 points in the Televoting at the Final. The performance scored better with the juries which gave us 90 points.

We Got Love has topped the iTunes charts in Malta, and charted well in Sweden & Cyprus.

We actually fared much better in the Second Semi Final, ranking fourth against less competition, with 82 points in the Televoting. It shows a big difference in just a few days, but that’s the harsh reality of an unpredictable contest.

Jess gave her all, and we should be remember we still qualified whereas other countries lucked out on that front altogether.


  1. This isn’t aimed at you David, but gosh this hysteria over our low televote score annoys me! The people tweeting and writing comments online about this know very little about how the system works or forgot the fact that we actually came 20th out of 43 acts, not 26.

    The fact that we got no points from 38 countries doesn’t mean no one voted for us. It means that we didn’t place in the top 10 in those countries (ie. placing 11th means the same as placing 26th). Sadly the EBU hasn’t released the full voting data this year but I’m sure an average ranking measure would have seen us above last position. But more importantly, none of this actually matters! We qualified for the final, beating out powerhouses Russia and Romania in our semi. Switzerland hasn’t qualified since 2014, but they stay, because it’s fun and fans enjoy it. Seems to me that the people calling for us to leave are…

      • Correct – but it only has the points from 12 to 1. However, I have just gone back on the website and found the full televote rankings by country. Until yesterday they only published the top 10. For example the first country listed, Albania, had us ranked 14th in the televote, so still 0 points, but they don’t hate us as others have suggested. Might comment back later if I have time to go through the whole thing.

          • That just proves to me that Europe doesn’t hate us but that we needed to send an act that would stand out more in what proved to be a very strong year.

  2. bettestreep2008

    Wow! This proves what most of us suspected. The Europeans clearly don’t want us in the contest anymore. I hope we don’t enter next year. We don’t want to be like the UK and be humiliated like they do year after year after year. We had a good run but that should be the end of it. Now I’d like to know why Israel – another non-European country – is embraced.

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