Airdate: Everyone’s a Critic

Gogglebox for Art begins on ABC later this month.

ABC series Everyone’s a Critic begins later this month.

The 9 part series, which visits some of the nation’s art galleries, captures the reactions of ordinary Aussies to art.

Developed by Matchbox Pictures, has already been described as Gogglebox for Art.

A diverse cast of everyday people, siblings, friends, couples and families, are invited in to give their reactions and opinions on works that were created by Australian and internationally-renowned artists.

For some ‘critics’ visiting galleries is a regular occurrence, for others this is the first time.

Over the course of the series, the critics visit the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Museum of Contemporary Art, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Lyon House museum and Campbelltown Arts Centre. Subjects including Australian identity, race relations, love, family, gender and pop culture are explored through paintings, installations, sculptures and photography.

Through archival material, each work of art will be placed within an artistic, cultural and historical context, allowing the critics to continually frame, and reframe their understanding of the work. The subsequent conversations create space for heartfelt, personal and revealing connections to how the art reflects the critics own life experience.

Everyone’s A Critic is candid, emotional, revealing, humorous and at times controversial.

Everyone’s got a story, everyone’s got an opinion, Everyone’s A Critic.

8:50pm Thursday June 28 on ABC.

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