Airdate: The Crossing

Showcase sci-fi centres around refugees seeking asylum, who claim to be from America, 180 years in the future.

US sci-fi The Crossing premieres later this month on Showcase.

The series featuring Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez & Sandrine Holt centres around refugees seeking asylum in an American town. But they claim to be from America, 180 years in the future, possessing superhuman powers.

Locals Simone Kessell & Georgia Haig also feature.

This debuted to mixed reviews when it premiered in the US in April.

Jude Ellis is the sheriff of Port Canaan, a small fishing town on the Oregon coast. Having relocated from Oakland to escape a strained marriage and a dark past as a big city cop, his goal is to build a quiet new life for himself and for, eventually, his young son. But those plans for a quiet life change instantly when 47 refugees from a war-torn country wash up on his beach seeking asylum. But the country they’re from is America… and the war they’re fleeing is 180 years in the future.

Mondays from June 25 at 9.30pm on Showcase.

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  1. Unfortunately as seems to happen all too frequently in Australia this show failed to impress the U.S. audience ratings and will only have just one season, this obviously will be a distraction for some viewers. Its hard to know how some ScFi shows will be kept alive in the future with the off hand way the main U.S. TV studios handle their production schedules, maybe more independent companies are required with more flexible worldwide distribution rights not so dominated by U.S. commercial TV ratings.

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