Alan Fletcher series shoots for the world

Australian distribution, Broken Arrow Media, has partnered with Alan Fletcher (BOS Films) and US Producers Really Epic Dog to distribute their highly acclaimed

Alan Fletcher factual / travelogue Photo Number 6 has signed with Broken Arrow Media, to distribute the series internationally.

The 10 part series, which debuted on TEN in April, sees the Neighbours star photograph five separate international locations, looking to choose just one photo to represent the emotions, the geography, the feeling and the human connections he has made.

Photo Number 6 has given me the rare opportunity to explore the globe and have many truly life-changing encounters. Simply put, this show is my dream come true,” said Fletcher.

Broken Arrow Media General Manager, Mike Aldrich said, “We are absolutely delighted to be representing this series. It is a truly engaging format that takes the viewer on a journey with real purpose. Alan’s passion and curiosity for the places he visits and the photographs he captures really jumps off the screen. The reaction on Facebook and Instagram since premiering on Network TEN Australia has been incredibly supportive and we look forward to introducing the program to viewers around the world.”

Photo Number 6 is produced by Mezzanine Films & Really Epic Dog.


  1. I got to see the first 6 episodes before I had to head home to the UK. Hope it gets screened here as the shows were very fresh and entertaining. Got some great tips to pass to an artist friend visiting Paris for the first time. Original concept, much better than the run-of-the-mill travel shows – and we are all photographers these days, but perhaps we’ll take better photos as a result of Fletch’s tips

  2. I’m not even a photographer but I found the show mesmerising. My husband and I would argue over which photos would end up making it in!

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