AMA again criticises Pete Evans doco

The Australian Medical Association has called on Netflix to withdraw Pete Evans documentary, The Magic Pill, amid concerns the diet could be harmful to some people who are on it for too long.

The ketogenic diet promotes a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet.

AMA’s new chief executive Tony Bartone told SBS News while there’s some evidence to show the ketogenic diet has demonstrated some benefits for those with autism and epilepsy and helping weight loss in those with type-2 diabetes, it’s too early to be advocating the diet for the wider general public.

“There may be a place in the clinical management of certain patients but that’s under the guidance of a medical practitioner through continuing care,” he said.

“It’s not a panacea for all and it’s not a general message for the whole community.”

He called on Netflix to at least put a warning on the film.

But Evans wrote on Facebook, “Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, ‘Is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry?’

“Is the bigger picture for the AMA, that this simple approach may actually hurt the industries that rely on a large % of the population being sick?”

Evans self-funded the 2017 doco.

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