Axed: Imposters

US comedy Imposters has been axed after 2 seasons by Bravo.

The comedy, starring Inbar Lavi as a con artist who takes advantage of unsuspecting partners, also featured Uma Thurman.

Executive producer Paul Adelstein shared a message with fans via social media.

Season 2 is currently screening in Australia on Stan.


  1. I agree with the comments preceding but I can defend the different nature of Season 2 if it was the foundation of a character and plot enhancing experience.Many 5 or 6 Season shows have a write off long term plot enhancing season. Being canceled derails the premise and substantially lessens the wasted seasons experience.

  2. Imposters is a bit light weight but season 1 showed enough promise to make you want to watch season 2 which unfortunately is now almost a different show in both style and presentation, the attraction of the characters is not the same and the plot is struggling to regain the kudos it once had as the story slowly pulls apart all the investment viewers may have had in the main characters relationship with each other, Netflix’s ‘Weeds’ did a far better job with a similar criminal family based idea.

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