Blues win tops 2 million viewers

A NSW Blues triumph at State of Origin last night scored 2.09m viewers.

There were 880,000 viewers in Sydney alone, 720,000 in Brisbane and 309,000 in Melbourne. although the game was down on the 2.35m who watched the first match earlier this month, it still dominated viewing. With regional viewers the number is expected to climb to 3.16m.

Against that might House RulesMasterChef battled over the remains with Seven scoring 948,000, season high against Origin, to TEN’s 731,000.

Seven also won in News at 1.16m to Nine’s 1.07m.

FIFA World Cup match was high for SBS at 566,000 viewers.

Nine network won Sunday with 39.1% then Seven 24.8%, TEN 13.9%, ABC 11.7% and SBS 10.5%.

Outside of Origin, Nine News drew 1.07m viewers.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.16m then House Rules (948,000) and Sunday Night (496,000). Crimes that Shook the World was 253,000.

MasterChef Australia pulled 731,000 for TEN then the Sunday Project (434,000 / 261,000), TEN Eyewitness News (335,000), NCIS (288,000 / 196,000) and Family Feud (210,000).

ABC News (695,000), Mystery Road (525,000) and Grand Designs NZ (514,000)  comprised ABC’s night. Making Muriel  was 160,000.

On SBS it was FIFA World Cup Eng v Pan (566,000), The Great Fire of London (239,000 in 4 cities) and SBS World News (195,000). A FIFA Jap v Sen match pulled 129,000.

7mate’s Captain America movie was 182,000 and topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 June 2018


  1. James-original

    Clipper said ‘most world cup matches’. Always was never mentioned.
    Of note: of the 25 ish matches on SBS Sydney has a higher audience than Melbourne in all but 3 matches.

  2. Sorry Origin numbers just don’t stack up?
    So Master Chef & House Rules don’t loose but increase viewer audience ? against SO2
    The game was up there as one of the best ever & in the balance to last seconds of match.
    very strange !!!

    • If you’re referring to me, I’m sorry, what else are we going to talk about? State of Origin was on a Sunday for first time in many years and heaps of media, even Nine publically expected a boost to ratings. I’m sorry if you’re not happy for me adding my sentence opinion on it.

  3. Good on MC for remaining steady, great series so far. Wonder if love island figures dropped because,as usual australia voted.out the only entertaining contestant. Now boring island!

  4. Nine not securing a 40% share in either network or main channel is the biggest thing for me, says a lot last night, still got 2m though (what happened in Sydney though, NSW Blues dominated?) Good on Seven and Nine for sticking to schedule and it paid off big, especially House Rules with a season high. SBS World Cup probably even benefited with the mass exodus late at night from State of Origin.

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