Grant Denyer leads Logie tweets

Grant Denyer is leading the number of tweets in the race for the Logie Awards.

Amanda Keller has generated the second highest and Tracy Grimshaw third highest, in relation to tweets mentioning the Logies.

The data is based on volume of Twitter mentions between May 1 and June 29.


  1. daveinprogress

    If there’s any reasoning to this process (which there isn’t ), the top line seem to be the frontrunners. Although I am still a little baffled by Tracy’s nomination; the light entertainment vibe of Amanda and Grant certainly resemble the sort of winners in the distant past. Don, Bert, Daryl, Gra Gra, Ray; even going back to Jeanne Little and Denise Drysdale. A few actors have won, but 5 nights a week of Tracy, 6 for Grant and Amanda popular on LR, and on radio seem to have the edge, but after Sam Johnson won, my theory goes out the window. I was hoping for Peter Heliar!

    • harrypotter1994

      Sam Johnson’s case was unique because he had the Love Your Sister community behind him. I’ve seen/heard ads for all of the top line including Amanda Keller after every news update on 96FM radio station in Perth. I see her or Grant taking the gold.

  2. This may be the work of Tom Gleeson who mentioned that he was starting a campaign to get Grant the Gold Logie during the Hard Chat segment on The Weekly. If it is then it looks like he is suceeding.

  3. It is beyond a joke now. Too much of Grant popping up everywhere and he is really starting to look silly. I can’t imagine too many people taking him seriously.

  4. This is just turning into a joke. His ego will be out of control. The most annoying person on TV supported by one of the unfunniest people on tv.

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