Grant Denyer to host Game of Games

Gold Logie nominee Grant Denyer will host upcoming entertainment series Game of Games.

Warner Bros. is producing the series, created by Ellen De Generes.

Contestants, who are pulled direct from the audience, have to manoeuvre massive obstacles, answer questions under time pressure and face challenges such as Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Don’t Leave Me Hanging, Scary Go Round and Danger Word — all in a quest to win a big cash prize.

It will debut on TEN later this year.


  1. I take it that this game show is not created exclusively for Australia, I presume it is a spin off from an audience participation game occasionally seen on the Ellen De Generes show. I thought Grant didn’t want to be type cast as a games show host, I guess I was wrong, one thing is for sure, especially with Family Feud unlikely to disappear with it’s cancellation especially with so many episodes available, we will have to endure wall to wall Grant Denyer for a while longer yet on Ten .

  2. That’s great news! Game of Games sounds like an interesting concept. How many more Family Feud episodes to air are there? I would have liked an All Star show featuring the Studio 10 crew going up against Scott Tweedie, Liv, Dan and Justin Hill from The Loop.

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