Greg Berlanti signs $400m deal with Warner Bros.

Prolific producer Greg Berlanti (pictured right) has signed a $400m four year extension to remain with Warner Bros. Television.

Berlanti, who has 14 scripted series on air including Arrow, Flash, Riverdale and Supergirl, had two years remaining on his current contract with multiple outlets pursuing him. But he reportedly did not take meetings from other interests, including Netflix.

The deal is for only TV, with Berlanti’s film pact remaining at FOX, for whom he directed Love, Simon this year.

It follows recent mega-deals with Ryan Murphy’s $300 million, and Shonda Rhimes’ $100 million Netflix deals.

“I’m incredibly grateful to Peter Roth, Kevin Tsujihara, Craig Hunegs, Susan Rovner and Brett Paul and everyone else here at Warner Bros. who have provided me with such a wonderful home to tell stories for many years — and now many years to come,” Berlanti said. “A lot has changed about TV since I started working in it 20 years ago. But what hasn’t changed is how blessed I feel to come to work every day, where I work with the most talented, hardest-working company, executives, showrunners, actors, writers, directors, casts and crews in the business. I’m eternally grateful to all of them and to the audiences that have watched our shows. And finally, I’m thankful for the love, guidance and support I get from my husband, my family and my friends, which make moments like this one possible and all the moments in between the real reward.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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