Hot tip: Killing Eve now on iview

97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Your weekend is now sorted.


With not very much fanfare at all, US hit drama Killing Eve has dropped on iview today.

The 8 part series has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (review quotes below).

Sandra Oh stars as a desk-bound MI5 Officer who tracks down talented sociopathic assassin played by Jodie Comer. But both women become obsessed with each other. This was produced in the UK and debuted in the US in early April.

Your weekend is now sorted and my work is done.

The show is as suspenseful as it is playfully funny and straight up weird.

On top of the two masterful performances from the leads, the credit belongs to Killing Eve’s creator and writer, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Killing Eve is a helluva good time, it’s already more interesting than many of its genre peers, and the first season illustrates a self-awareness essential for its survival. The show may follow a formula, but there’s nothing routine about it.

This seductive thriller with a murderous heart has a great cast and brutal antihero. What’s not to like?

Killing Eve is subversive at its most basic level, taking the classic good-guy-chases-villain template and placing two women in the primary roles.

This season was so surprising, so entertaining, and so full of life that I don’t want to worry about the how or when at the moment. I just want to give the magician a long and loud round of applause.

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  1. Most disappointing thing about this is at the end of only an 8 ep first season you just want more.Quirky different with a Pulp Fiction feel,television of this quality being dumped on ABC freeview says more about the pathetic state of our pseudo reality obsessed commercial television environment and those of who the drug is to powerful

    1. Commercial FTA was never going to buy Killing Eve. CBS has more CBS shows that don’t rate than they can air, Seven more ABC and NBC shows, and Nine doesn’t even show dramas anymore (except for rpts at midnight). It is interesting that the ABC bought it from BBC America for iView rather than SBS, Netflix or Stan.

  2. I intend to watch this show but it has sneaked in as seems to be the way with iView, especially if you are not a regular ABC viewer and keep up with the latest releases. Generally, the streaming from both the ABC and SBS has improved (having a good broadband helps) although SBS’s advert imposts are still annoying.

  3. I am part way through episode 3, and plan to binge the balance tonight. A good build up of tension Screens perfectly on our 55 inch LG Oled. As teh expression goes “do yourself a favour…”

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