Immunity pin fail makes Masterchef history, Seven wins Thursday.

Ratings: Nine wins primary channels on a night of staggered scheduling.

A MasterChef Australia contestant made history last night, when Loki gambled Survivor-like, on keeping his Immunity pin before a challenge.

But it proved to be his downfall when he was sent packing after failing to defeat 8 other contestants in a Pressure Test. The show pulled 845,000, up on last week’s 781,000, and claiming top entertainment crown. That helped Todd Sampson’s Body Hack 2.0 to debut with 537,000,.

Nine topped primary channels, winning slots with ACA and the NRL / Footy Show combo from 9pm. Seven News and The Chase won for Seven with a Melbourne win for The Front Bar over Footy Show.

Elsewhere, The Handmaid’s Tale pulled in more viewers than the trains on SBS.

But with a multichannel boost, Seven network won Thursday with 28.7% then Nine 26.6%, TEN 22.1%, ABC 15.7% and SBS 6.8%.

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 1.03m / 973,000 then The Chase (600,000 / 386,000), Home and Away (559,000), The Front Bar (301,000 in 3 cities) and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (280,000). Ramsay’s Hotel Hell was 189,000.

Nine News (928,000 / 913,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (769,000), Hot Seat (550,000 / 322,000), The Footy Show (435,000) and Thursday Night NRL (373,000 in 3 cities). RBT was 230,000 in 3 cities. World’s Funniest Videos was just 98,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia (845,000) won its slot for TEN then The Project (562,000 / 330,000), Todd Sampson’s Body Hack 2.0 (537,000), TEN Eyewitness News (416,000). Law and Order: SVU was 242,000.

ABC News (690,000), 7:30 (538,000), Grand Designs Australia (532,000), Sammy J (334,000), QI (321,000), Think Tank (239,000) and Wentworth (105,000).

On SBS it was The Handmaid’s Tale (277,000), Great British Railway Journeys (230,000), SBS World News and Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail (both on 128,000) and Next of Kin (84,000).

Kazoops on ABC KIDS topped multichannels with 211,000. Love Island was 154,000 on 9GO!

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 31 May 2018

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  1. Poor Loki. Having George screaming at him not to panic didn’t help. We needed Gordon there to encourage him & give helpful advice. George has been getting nastier every year. What is his problem lately? Everyone’s noticed it on forums & Twitter. He needs to read the feedback & change his attitude.

  2. I went to the good food and wine show in melbourne today and Loki was there. I wanted to ask him if he did get to take the pin home but he was busy talking to people.

    He probably thought he was up against 8 other people and thought he wouldn’t go home as someone would cook worse than him.

  3. MC….don’t forget that they give the eliminated folk a second chance. Don’t be surprised if Loki comes back, wins it with his immunity pin intact….just sayin’

      1. What a great question – one I don’t think I’ve ever seen proposed in a reality show before! I’d prefer it not to be in play. I think it’s like points earned in a video game and you’ve lost all your lives. You go back to zero if you use another credit for another shot.

    1. Yes has been that way for years and for our family the immunity challenges are so boring why don’t they put them up against very experienced chefs instead of junior ones and no help from the Bennett? ??

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