iview: Deadlock

Teen drama set in and around Byron Bay, to launch in late July.

Teen drama Deadlock will screen on iview in late July.

The 5 x 12-minute series set in and around Byron Bay, developed by Every Cloud Productions with Skins writer Bryan Elsley, is written and directed by Billie Pleffer.

Deadlock explores the incredible highs, lows, joys, heartbreak, camaraderie, laughs and bittersweet sorrow that make up a teenager’s life. A clandestine ‘tunnel party’ in the depths of the hinterland in northern NSW draws kids from all over the area but when a spectacular stunt leads to a car crash, a group of five teens face events that will transform their lives and their idyllic landscape forever.

Starring YouTube sensations Michael and Danny Philippou (aka RackaRacka), Luca Sardelis (Nowhere Boys), Darcy McGrath (My Place), and newcomers Amit Pala and Thomas Weatherall, Deadlock also features exciting young talent from across the Northern Rivers region – including Bijou Gracie Henry, Audrey Spence, Paddy Swain, Theodore Bourgoin, Sophia Wright and Ned Sacks. Deadlock was originated by Deb Cox and developed by Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger’s Every Cloud productions, alongside the Writer and Director Billie Pleffer.

A visually arresting online series, Deadlock demonstrates the ABC’s unrivalled commitment to delivering distinctive Australian content on-demand, and the broadcaster’s support for innovative ways of attracting younger audiences by launching at the Splendour Forum, and commissioning content that collaborates with YouTube talent.

No other broadcaster identifies and showcases so many emerging local voices and stories from regional Australia. In a unique development process, Deadlock drew directly from the issues and experiences faced by teenagers in Australia. Local teenagers shared their stories with the series’ creatives as part of Every Cloud Productions’ Development Workshop, funded by Screen Australia’s Enterprise Stories program in partnership with Northern Rivers Screenworks, and led by series consultant Bryan Elsley, the internationally-acclaimed creator and co-writer of the UK hit series Skins.

Deadlock was filmed on location on NSW’s north coast, highlighting the unique landscapes of the Northern Rivers region. The series has boosted NSW’s television industry and talent, on and off camera, by engaging many locals across the cast and crew.

The series will be available to binge watch on ABC iview on Friday July 20, coinciding with its launch at the Splendour in the Grass music and arts festival in Byron Bay on the same day. The entire series will screen at the Splendour Forum tent from 10am ahead of a panel discussion.

Production credits: Deadlock is an Every Cloud Production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, in association NSW. Financed with support from Film Victoria. Producer: Belinda Mravicic. Story Producer: Mike Jones. Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox. Writer and Director: Billie Pleffer. Mentor Director: Tony Tilse. ABC Executive Producers: Sally Riley and Que Minh Luu.

Friday July 20 on iview.

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