Jennifer Keyte to start at TEN later this month

Jennifer Keyte will start at TEN Melbourne later this month, she told the Sunday Herald Sun, after Peter Meakin called some months ago to enquire about her availability.

Keyte had been out of contract with Seven since the beginning of the year.

The TEN offer caught Seven off guard.

“It has been a whirlwind. Ross (Dagan, TEN’s director of news content) contacted us … we had a chat and they made the offer very quickly and very seriously (and) swept me off my feet.

“It was a very quick courtship. I had to make a decision very quickly because I was just about to sign with Seven.”

Keyte is hoping Steve Quartermain will stay to present Sport but appreciates he has to make the right decision.

Quartermain is yet to reveal his next move, amid offers from the network for a significant role.


  1. Jen would hold her own in a 6pm news slot. This could then add viewers to The Project at 6.30pm. Not everyone likes hour long news. Then have your quiz shows from 5pm.

  2. i’m also a big Jen Keyte fan, this might’ve worked well for me if Family Feud stayed at 6pm, because what will i watch at 6pm if not news?? lol. It would be perfect if they moved the Project to 6pm, but doubtful they would go up against 7/9 news i guess.

  3. It seems that Ten likes it’s newsreaders female. Georgina Lewis (for some strange reason as she leaves me cold) in Brisbane has outlasted 2 male partners. Lachlan Kennedy who partnered her would have to be one of the best newsreaders in Australia but like Steve Quartermaine was demoted.

  4. Hi David do you know what date Jen Keyte will start over on ten News first at five as I really like Jen i’ve Grown up with her doing the news on Ch 7

  5. I think it’s a bit rich asking the bloke you’ve stabbed in the back and stolen a job from to stick around for a demotion. But that’s just my two cents…

      • yes networks conduct a lot of research on what viewers think of every personality on TV and I presume Steve did not resonate enough for a main presenter role.

    • sorry but he’s a terrible news reader, he reads the news like its a sports report & he would be happier doing sports reporting right? i doubt he would turn down a sports gig (which is clearly in the pipeline) saying he’d rather stay as news reader, which isn’t going to happen anyway

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