Johnny Ruffo: “I’m feeling good”

Good news today from Johnny Ruffo (Home and Away) who spoke to radio hosts Kyle & Jackie O about his ongoing recovery from Brain Cancer.

“I’m feeling good,” he said, before acknowledging he is still undergoing treatment.

“I still have it. I’m still doing chemo.

“I do chemo once a month for 4 or 5 days.”

While the radiotherapy led to hair loss, it isn’t impacted by the chemotherapy.

Rejecting suggestions it wasn’t intense, he said “You do feel pretty sick in between as well.”

He also paid tribute to girlfriend Tahnee Sims, saying, “She’s been great. She’s been awesome.”

Ruffo announced he was battling Brain Cancer in August, posting images of a post-surgery scar, with 27 staples across his forehead.

In February, he told The Morning Show, “I’ve got a little way to go now but everything’s looking good and is on the mend.

“So hopefully it all stays the same way and I’ll be back on the horse and causing more trouble.”


  1. ‘Rejecting suggestions it wasn’t intense’..

    Um, what kind of person suggests to somebody was cancer that the treatment isn’t intense?

    Anyway, pleased he’s doing ok and wish him well with future treatment and recovery.

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