Killing Eve

If Dexter were female she would probably be Killing Eve.

If Dexter were female she would probably be someone like Villanelle, the attractive young assassin, who is insidious, heartless and utterly precise in break-out drama Killing Eve.

Devoted to her Parisian lifestyle Villanelle (Jodie Comer) executes (literally) assignments for her Russian contact, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). Alluring and malevolent, Villanelle’s attractive exterior facilitates her deadly access to her victims in cities across Europe. Little do they know there is a psychopath lurking within.

But bored MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) who is part of a team tasked with protecting the colleague of one of Villanelle’s victims begins to piece together clues that hint at a female killer. As instincts light a fuse, Eve begins to cross a line to uncover evidence, until her boss fires her for going rogue.

But MI6 superior (Fiona Shaw) rehires her for a secret operation to pursue her suspicions. When Villanelle learns Eve is on her case, the game shifts to a whole new level.

Writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) has crafted a wickedly smart thriller, based on the novels of Luke Jennings. The two central roles are a gift for the two leads. Like The Good Fight, the women get the best parts here. Thankfully, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are exemplary in their performances.

Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) is driven, occasionally anarchic, but with vulnerability as an MI5 officer while Jodie Comer (Doctor Foster) is a playful, ruthless killer. Things really ramp up when their worlds interconnect in early episodes.

Waller-Bridge’s dialogue and direction by Harry Bradbeer inject dark humour when it is least expected, while flashes of violence give you the taste of blood.

Add in the eye-catching cityscapes of Paris, London and more and this cat and mouse game will hypnotise. Their obsession soon becomes your obsession (which is a bit of a worry).

ABC iview has dropped this with little fanfare, but it is perfect binge entertainment.

Delicious fun.

Killing Eve is now available on ABC iview.

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  1. It’s not as good as people made it to be. I mean, it was so predictable. The first 5 episodes were brilliant, but then it all went downfall from there. Especially the ending! 🙁 Although, I enjoyed the satire part of the series – that’s what made it so good!

  2. This was on my radar asterisked with a big huge “meh!” I have changed my mind. If Phoebe Waller-Bridge is involved, I’m definitely watching. I thought Fleabag was brilliant. And now that joke she cracked to David Tennant on Graham Norton a couple of weeks back that didn’t make sense, does

  3. I nearly gave up halfway through the first episode but I’m soooo glad I persevered, I’m up to ep4 and I’m absolutely hooked! Perfect lazy Sunday binge viewing. Sandra Oh is captivating and Jodie Comer pulls off a phenomenally believable performance.

  4. I binged the final 5 episodes of this series yesterday (after 3 on Friday) – it had humour, tension, action and a stand out performance from Jodie Comer. It is difficult to believe she is not who she is portraying. Do yourselves a favour and spend some time with this one, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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