Kyle Sandilands rumoured for TEN series

Order in King Kyle's court?

Media reports are speculating that Kyle Sandilands could front a Judge Judy style show for TEN.

Daily Mail tips Sandilands to be joined by a panel of celebrity and expert jurors.

The article suggests a show is currently in the final stages of production and set to begin filming in the next couple of months.

A spokesperson for Sandilands said, “We’re always looking at new TV ideas and talking to the networks. At this stage we have not signed any new deals.”

In Judge Judy, Judith Sheindlin is a former Manhattan family court judge, and the rulings are legally binding, with production footing the bill for small claims settled.

An Australian version has been rumoured before with Real Housewives star barrister Gina Liano.

Sandilands was infamously fired by TEN in 2009 during Australian Idol for comments made on radio. His last series was 9GO!’s Meet the Hockers.

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  1. Sandilands is neither witty nor insightful enough to be hosting any television show, really. His presence killed Idol and Big Brother in my estimation at the time. I admit that I did enjoy listening to him and Jackie O in my early teens, but that was a time when the internet was still in its infancy and I couldn’t afford CDs of anything decent (I used to record clips from Video Hits/rage to VHS and transfer them to cassette to use with my Sony Walkman. How times have changed!).

    Sandilands doesn’t seem to have grown much at all in the years since, which I find profoundly offputting about him. Stick to radio, Kyle.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m a Kyle fan, but I don’t hate the guy like it seems most others here do. I actually reckon a show like this would work well. And to say that he is TV poison is quite selective, he’s had good success in a judging capacity on Idol and X Factor. So why not pop him on a judging show where he can live up to his reputation?!

      1. Popular in Sydney (where 2GB & KIIS fight it out over breakfast radio, with the ABC leading the stragglers), but distant also-rans everywhere else (where it’s edited into a drivetime slot).

  3. Wow, he and his radio partner are tv poison, I’m surprised by this one. I’d understand if he were producing it or the executive producer but to front it?? A lot of people will have turned off already and its not even on yet.

  4. Excuse me here DK, but what an absolute crock of shit this will be. He has proven unlikeable time and time again (on TV) and turns anything he has been on to utter dribble. Enter Jackie O somewhere throughout this and and I’m done! Gina Liano actually makes sense, a more likeable persona and actually has some merit over “Holier Than Thou” Kyle. It seems like just another cheap panel show which TEN are pumping out. I hope to god it lasts a week and is bumped for Jamie Oliver specials!

    1. Definitely not the ‘right time’ for Australian Idol to return. Almost everyone in Australia who can sing and is interested in ‘reality TV’ has already appeared on at least one of Idol, X-Factor, Popstars (regular or Live version) or The Voice (regular or kids) already.

      We don’t have a deep talent pool of “undiscovered talent” that needs to be found via reality TV anymore.

      The music industry has changed massively in the past 15 years— not only how, but what we listen to. Who’s interested in buying a CD of Power Ballards and lame pop tracks in 2018??

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