LGBTQI youth campaign to save Shadowhunters

Aussies amongst fans hoping supernatural series notable for diverse representation can be rescued.

Fans of axed US supernatural series Shadowhunters have mounted aggressive campaigns to see the show revived, with some citing its importance to LGBTQI viewers.

The series which has won GLAAD Media and Teen Choice Awards was recently cancelled by Freeform amid reports production company Constantin Film lost a co-financing deal with Netflix.

Over six million tweets have been sent with the #SaveShadowhunters hashtag, while a fundraising campaign has raised more $11,000 for the Trevor Project which supports LGBTQI youth. Over 124,000 fans have signed a petition at Change.org.

Brisbane-based fan Stacey Hitchins told TV Tonight, “I can’t begin to explain the importance of the LGBTQ+ (and other diverse) representation depicted in Shadowhunters.

“For the first time, many of us are seeing our identities represented on screen in a positive way. Magnus Bane is the first bi character I’ve encountered on TV who accurately represents bisexuality, and who wasn’t given a cheating centric storyline. In a world that makes life so tough for LGBTQ+ people, shows like this give us the hope and courage to be who we are.

“The loss of this show will be a severe blow to all the fans who rely on it as a means of validation and support.”

Not every show with a fan campaign leads to a revival but recent successes have included Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expanse.

Any future for Shadowhunters would doubtless need a partner other than Netflix, where it screens in Australia.

The show is currently due to conclude in 2019.

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