MasterChef, Gruen take Wednesday slots.

Ratings: MasterChef tops the demos. Seven wins the night.

Seven and Nine had split scheduling due to AFL commitments last night, making some comparisons tricky, but TEN and ABC stuck to their customary Wednesday playouts.

MasterChef Australia won its slot and topped the demos with 847,000, up on last Wednesday, ahead of House Rules on 763,000, Young Sheldon and 7:30.

By around 8:45pm it was too close to call but the final tally gives it to Gruen on 727,000 and The Weekly‘s 630,000. While Nine & Seven had split scheduling, TEN had Instinct on 462,000.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase won their slots.

Seven network won Wednesday with 28.7% the Nine 25.7%, TEN 20.0%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 8.4%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.05m / 1.02m then House Rules (763,000), Home and Away (724,000), The Chase (692,000 / 430,000), Modern Family (383,000 / 254,000), The Front Bar (277,000 in 3 cities). Splitting Up Together was 169,000.

Nine News (974,000 / 943,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (815,000), Young Sheldon (582,000 / 535,000), Hot Seat (572,000 / 365,000), The Footy Show (226,000) and Britain’s Got Talent on 214,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia (847,000), The Project (533,000 / 335,000), Instinct (462,000), TEN Eyewitness News (429,000), Family Feud (320,000). Madam Secretary was 194,000.

Gruen (727,000), ABC News (687,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (630,000), 7:30 (522,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (490,000), Corey White’s Roadmap to Paradise (312,000) and Think Tank (194,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Robson Green’s Australian Adventure (296,000), World’s Most Dangerous Border (161,000), SBS World News (155,000), and FIFA World Cup: Kor v Ger (131,000).

PJ Masks topped multichannels with 204,000.

Sunrise: 259,000
Today: 216,000
News Breakfast: 106,000 / 29,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 June 2018.

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  1. Did anyone else notice how great Livinia Nixon was this morning presenting the weather on Today? Give her the gig permanently & axe Natalia Cooper & Today might claim some lost ratings. What a talent she is.

      1. She was wonderful today. David can you provide any updates on Stevie Jacobs? Is he still employed by Weekend Today or is he finished. Like Livinia he is needed by Today. He is missed.

  2. Surprised with the figure for Instinct – we’ve watched two eps but decided last night to erase all others on our recorder and give it a miss. Too bland for our tastes. Commented to my wife afterwards how I wish 10 would reschedule Bull in its place. Obviously, that won’t happen… 10 must be happy with 450,000.

    1. Yeah I have turned off it as well, it’s kind of like the US have tried to do a US version of the UK light Detective shows and it doesn’t quite work. It is very cookie-cutter in approach as well and that doesn’t help. You can almost look at the time left and think okay now someone will say something to Dr. Reinhart that will trigger a thought process that will solve the case (roughly in the last 6 mins).

      It’s a shame Elementary didn’t rate well here, as that is a much much better show and a good US version of a UK type Detective show, Instinct is just eh and plodding.

      1. I didn’t see many eps but the problem for the show is perhaps wanting to make his sexuality incidental to his character -which I do admire- but without it, the show loses the very thing that makes it unique. It’s an each way bet that falls in between…

        1. Yeah true and they don’t seem to be writing that relationship very well, guess it’s because they’re treading lightly for US primetime audiences. Even Dylan going back to do that sort of work after leaving the CIA for the love of his partner played out weird. Dylan was concerned about telling the partner but then when he did there was nothing to worry about at all, a bit of an argument about it and then the partner coming around would have helped a bit. The scene where the partner is trying to move the piano to give Dylan a home office would have played out better if he’d disagreed with Dylan about working with the Police in a few scenes earlier (and was the end of episode scene).

  3. I think this can be mentioned now, looks like some of Today’s worst ratings including in Melbourne (where they’ve based the week, hasn’t worked at all, will scare breakfast shows from re-locating from base studio again!)

    1. If you are that keen for the result of the ‘ratings battle’ between the two Footy Shows in Melbourne each week, just check the Herald Sun. They post about it at about 10am every week following the shows.

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