Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear after next season

"The time commitment & extensive travel required takes me away from my family & friends more than I’m comfortable with."

Matt LeBlanc is leaving Top Gear after his upcoming fourth season, citing time and travel commitments.

“My experience on Top Gear has been great fun,” LeBlanc said in a statement. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole team. However, the time commitment and extensive travel required takes me away from my family and friends more than I’m comfortable with. It’s unfortunate, but for these reasons I will not be continuing my involvement with the show.”

Patrick Holland, controller of BBC Two, said: “I want to thank Matt, [who] has thrown himself into the show with real passion, revealing his extraordinary car knowledge and a willingness to get down and dirty. We were always going to be borrowing him from his day job as one of the top comic actors in Hollywood, so I wish him all the very best.”

LeBlanc, who currently appears in Man with a Plan, spearheaded the show after the departure of Chris Evans.

Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most popular brands, airing in more than 200 territories around the world but ratings have dropped drastically since the exit of Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Holland assured fans that LeBlanc’s final season would be “something special” and that the broadcaster had “great plans to welcome a new co-host to join the team for 2019 and beyond.”

Top Gear airs in Australia on 9GO! and BBC Knowledge.

Source: Variety

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  1. That might be the final nail in the coffin for the show, as he is the show these days as far as i’m concerned. His two co-hosts don’t do anything for me and unless the producers can come up with someone as dynamic as Matt, i’ll give the new host and show a miss.

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