New-look Blake Mysteries is “an amazing leap of faith”

Filming on The Blake Mysteries telemovie finished this week in Victoria.

For cast and crew, who went from axed to rescued drama only to lose leading man Craig McLachlan, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

But just being back before the cameras has been fortifying for around 100 production staff.

Nadine Garner, whose character Jean steps up in Doctor Blake‘s absence, reached out to Craig McLachlan as production neared.

“I wrote to him when we were about to go into production on this saying it was a strange situation for us to be in but I believed in the greatest good for the greatest number of people,” she tells TV Tonight.

“I felt very proud we were able to take the show forward and that it was done with love and concern for him and we hoped we had his blessing. But it’s difficult.

“We do collectively feel very grateful to have new (life) breathed into us, given everything we’ve been through as a production. It’s quite amazing. I feel very humbled by the fact we’ve been given another lease of life. It’s an amazing leap of faith from Seven and I really hope we deliver something they’re proud of.”

Whilst there were rumours of 4 telemovies for Seven, Garner confirms at this stage much depends on the reception to a new Blake era.

“I hope they like it, and I hope we can make some more. But there’s no guarantee of anything. We’re just very grateful that we got this far, having resurrected it from the ashes,” she continues.

“With the Jean character stepping up as protagonist it’s a different show. It has a slightly different style, slightly different tone, and even though Seven bought into the Blake brand they’ve had to rejig their expectations a little bit, which is very admirable of them, to jump on board something where they don’t really know what they’re getting.

“So we’re very grateful for that opportunity.”

Co-creator and Producer George Adams, added, “It is such a joy to be back. We are blessed with a magnificent cast and a world that our fans have embraced for the last five seasons. Of course there have been changes but our show at its heart is still a classic murder mystery series and Jean Blake is a classic solver of those murder mysteries.”

The Blake Mysteries is due on Seven later this year.


  1. I think the viewers will give this show a lot of love, because that is the only way to get the Dr Blake mysteries back. If they were being made with no prospect of reviving the original show then viewers would be a lot less forgiving.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth H. I just hope that the new Dr Blake works as I love the crew and hopefully, Craig will be able to join the show in the near future.

  3. I can imagine it would be so difficult for Nadine as well as the crew. Fingers crossed it’s a success for 7 and Craig can be a part of it in the future. It’s almost like that’s what the cast and crew want, buying time until everything is resolved.

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