Nine celebrates Jo Hall’s 60th birthday

This morning Nine Melbourne presenter Jo Hall celebrated her 60th birthday, joined by colleagues, execs and media.

The morning tea event at Bibelot in South Melbourne kicked off with Anthony Callea singing Happy Birthday and Eddie McGuire leading the cheer squad. Both Peter Hitchener & Tony Jones gave speeches.

Hall, who has been with Nine News for 39 years, was joined by her children, plus Nine’s Livinia Nixon, Alicia Loxley, news director Hugh Nailon, Nine News Chief of Staff Kate McGrath and GTV boss Matt Scriven.

Looking back over her career she told guests she was reminded of the time she was the only female whose photo was added to the famed corridors of Bendigo Street, Richmond, alongside the likes of Brian Naylor, Peter Hitchener & Eddie McGuire.

Hall currently presents four regional bulletins, Western Victoria, Central Victoria, Border North East and Gippsland.

Last year she told TV Tonight, “Anchoring is something I really love, going in to people’s lounge rooms delivering the news. It’s something I don’t take for granted.

“As much as I love reporting stories, I really do love the anchoring.”


  1. Living in Queensland we never here anything about her any more but proof of her ability and longevity must come in the form of Jo Beth Jo the legendary Fast Forward Newsreader.To be worthy of a parody close to 30 years ago and still be in the mix suggests legendary status 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Jo – and keep leading the charge. You’re a pioneer in our field, and prove that a woman of 60 and more can be strong, relevant and powerful in all aspects of the community. Congrats.

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