Rebel Wilson to appeal latest ruling

"The Court of Appeal have been absolutely flippant with regards to my economic loss" says an angry Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson plans to appeal yesterday’s ruling that Bauer Media pay her $600,000 in general damages, losing $3.9m in special damages.

She took to Twitter overnight to indicate her fury, presumably planning to pursue it with the High Court of Australia.

She tweeted:

I was hoping the Court of Appeal in Australia would deliver a reasonable judgement today….ummmmm seeing as that HAS CLEARLY NOT happened I look forward to appealing! There’s some really bizarre things in there guys that are so obviously challengeable!

Everybody knows I lost money after those maliciously defamatory articles were printed about me by @bauermedia in 2015. The learned trial judge and Australian jury on the case who heard all the evidence clearly agreed.

Was it wrong of me to pledge that the money received from the case was going to good causes?? To me, after working tirelessly day and night to rebuild my career, I thought it was the right thing to do.

But somehow the Court of Appeal have been absolutely flippant with regards to my economic loss, not to mention my overall hurt and distress at having to stand up to these bullies.

That’s now $4 million less going to less fortunate Australians and leaves a billionaire corporation, proven guilty of malicious defamation, being able to get away with their seriously harmful acts for a very low pay day! Clearly not fair. Come on Australia ??

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    1. Plus it kind of argues the case for the defense as if she can afford to donate it to charity then her loss of income can’t be that bad or she would need that money.

  1. What a saga – I can see a four part mini series in the works! Hasn’t the point been made? Rebel successfully schooled the mags on their making crap up to flog units. She has continued to make movies and be well paid for them. She is no thesp – she didn’t miss out on an Oscar movie or even more franchises. There’s a point here where the point gets lost and all that it has done has made more lawyers rich.

    1. The whole point is the telling and making up bullshit stories to make money has to stop . ( People still buy magazines with smart phone access ??) Look at all the stupid brad and jen back together , married having babies front covers . Why and how does this continue to happen . Stupid shit . Pay the price for your silly lies . The full price !!

      1. Yes there has been a lot nonsense made up by gossip magazines, this was not the case here. Fairfax, News Corp, ABC, 7 & 9 and Macquarie Radio all joined Bauer’s appeal against the economic damages because of the dangerous precedent it would set. The current review of defamation law will likely recommend a higher standard of evidence for economic damages, not less. As is the case in the UK after their defamation reforms and as it is in the US.

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