Regional viewers facing pixellated streaming

Internet speeds are a little outside my field of expertise but clearly a crucial topic for Streaming. With that in mind I thought this online article on ABC was worth passing on…

NBN Co has increased its minimum speed target for its fixed wireless network this year to deliver 6Mbps download speeds during evenings, up from 3Mbps previously.

But regional Australians experiencing connection speeds at or slightly above this threshold will be unlikely to enjoy sharp pictures on Foxtel or Stan, based on speeds required by major streaming providers:

Netflix ultra high definition: 25Mbps
Stan ultra high definition: 15Mbps
Stan full high definition: 7.5 Mbps
Foxtel Now high definition: 7Mbps
Netflix basic high definition: 5Mbps
Stan basic high definition: 4.5Mbps

Televisions sold today typically offer ultra high definition displays, and even the latest iPhone can display video at full high definition.

Although NBN plans are advertised with speeds such as 25Mbps or 50Mbps, performance on fixed wireless drops in the evening — highlighting the importance of this minimum target.

Source: ABC


  1. Video Streaming in the bush on the current NBN? You must be joking. Fibre to the kerb or Fibre to the boundary fence has to be a minimum standard. How it gets from there to your TV or smartphone is your problem.

  2. carolemorrissey

    When I watch netflix on my TV I have to turn my computer off otherwise it buffers. Don’t know if this is normal as the only other people I know who watch netflix watch it on their computer.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    NBN is a disaster….and I don’t understand how a whole country can be forced onto one service…just does not seem right to me?

      • Give or take (e.g. some estates / buildings where other infrastructure providers installed & owned the cabling/services).

        But, yeah, “NBN = forcing you onto one service! That’s against the free market!” is one of the latest RWNJ ‘talking points’ being spread by the usual sources…

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