Report: Roseanne considering move to allow spin-off to proceed

Roseanne Barr is reportedly considering a move that would preclude her from any profits from a spin-off, in order to allow her co-workers to proceed.

After her much maligned tweet ABC have been firm that any project moving forward should not benefit her financially.

Whilst the series was created by Matt Williams, Barr is credited with creating her Roseanne Conner character.

But without her approval fellow cast and crew will lose work. US media reports suggest she is is now open to cutting herself out of a spin-off entirely.

Last week, she tweeted, “I’m making restitution for the pain I have caused.”

A spin-off which centres around Sara Gilbert’s Darlene & family is tipped to be the likely path forward for the show.


  1. I hope this comes to fruition as it’s so unfair that so many have paid for Roseanne’s lack of restraint. Saying that, I won’t be watching, the Rosanne Connor character is iconic and I’m not interested in seeing the rest of that family without her, the Roseanne/Dan relationship was the nexus of the show and my favourite element, closely followed by the Roseanne/Jackie dynamic. I was never that interested in their kids except for how Roseanne and the other two would react to their antics. I hope it does well for all their sakes, hopefully not many others think like me!

    • But the revival season was lacking that. it felt like it was the Darlene and her kid’s show. I didn’t really feel that old spark between Dan and Roseanne until probably the last episode and even Jackie and Roseanne didn’t feel that close.. it really missed the spark and magic from the first series.

  2. Just kill Roseanne off, call it The Conner’s and move on. Just like on Valerie, ABC killed off Valerie Harper and they renamed it The Hogan Family. It had a few ok seasons with the star gone.
    With where Roseanne was at creativity wise when it came back and the beloved, talented cast I think The Conner’s would have x2 (22ep) seasons.

    • The only thing that is similar between Roseanne and Valerie is the titular characters. Both women were difficult to work with but the network let Valerie rather go rather than kowtow to her because although the show bore her name, she had not had any creative input into developing the show and she was also no longer the star of it – Jason Bateman became a heartthrob on the show so storylines were increasingly about his character and VH was unhappy about that and wanted them to redirect back to her. Of course that was never going to happen, not when there were teen girls like me buying up every copy of Tiger Beat and plastering their walls with his face ?.

      Roseanne doesn’t have a character on the show who has a built-in rabid fan base like Valerie did in JB and Roseanne was still categorically the star of her show. I just can’t see people getting really excited to watch the show…

  3. Any spinoff without the character of Roseanne will definitely fail.
    She is such a strong and central character, and let’s be honest, the reason we watched in the first place.
    A few years a successful reboot of ‘Dallas’ failed without the character J.R, after the sudden passing of Larry Hagman,
    He was the reason people watched Dallas, classic and reboot.
    Darlene is not a strong enough character, and Sarah isn’t a good enough actor to carry her own series.
    Not mentioning the character of ‘Rosanne’ in any spinoff is completely insane,
    she is Darlene’s mother, Dan’s wife and Jackie’s sister.
    ABC don’t want Rosanne Barr to profit from any spinoff, therefore why should they ?
    Good luck to the cast and crew with any future project away from the ‘Rosanne’ franchise.

  4. daveinprogress

    That’s good, I think! It will certainly build high expectations for it, and I wonder if in so allowing, she has also insisted that she not be referenced. As a sitcom trope of depicting a character you never see like Niles’ wife Maris in Frasier; it might be interesting if they do reference her still as she is such a larger than life figure; or if she is completely extricated from the narrative. It will be interesting.

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