Returning: Anh’s Brush with Fame

Season 3 of Anh’s Brush with Fame begins on ABC in mid-July, with his new subjects Terri Irwin, Sigrid Thornton, Lauren Jackson, John Williamson, Carrie Bickmore, peace campaigner Gill Hicks, and ground-breaking surgeon Munjed Al Muderis.

In this nine-part series, Anh, who was 2017’s recipient of the Archibald Prize People’s Choice Award for his portrait of actor and Indigenous activist Jack Charles, combines his passion for painting with his love of conversation, familiarising himself with his guest’s history while capturing them on canvas. Each of Anh’s sitters speaks about their life, divulging humorous and heartfelt anecdotes, as well as detailing their more private trials and tribulations, ultimately informing how Anh portrays them.

Audiences share in the guests’ personal photos and videos, as Anh and his subject go on an emotional journey, ending in the big reveal of their painting. Upon the completion of the portrait, how will his guest react?

8pm Wednesday July 18 on ABC.


  1. Moe_J,
    How are these people lefties? Or how do you know that they only appeal to ‘aging snooty lefties’? Seems like a broad demographic. Your list is weirdly specific but you haven’t named anyone, or am I missing who these descriptors represent (David Warner, perhaps)? Also, how do you know that casting hasn’t tried and the “talented on screen war vet (who is that?)” doesn’t want to sit for two hours discussing his life whilst Ahn paints him? I mean, it is pretty diverse, for instance Gill Hicks is a disabled woman but I don’t understand how you could take issue with that because she’s over thirty. Or is it that you are “the bra boy who is now a creative genius” and you want a free portrait painted by Ahn Doh? Amiright??

    • A cast whilst being diverse should also attract a diverse audience, there should be something for everyone. I’m not saying these bookings aren’t great, i’m saying the mix isn’t great. In my humble opinion they bring too similar audiences.

  2. The shows called ‘Anh’s brush with fame’ and he’s the most famous person on it.

    I wreckon if asked 100 21 year olds if they knew who the names of the guests, they’d get Carrie Bickmore, but that’d pretty much be it.

    Makes a show portraying fame, no famous people in it.

    Classic ABC.

      • All six should be that famous, well at least the majority David!

        …but what about that, what about the Australian who hasn’t heard of John Williamson, someone who hates folk music, who are they going to turn up to watch? You’d expect at least someone out of the six for them? I don’t think there is.

        SBS gets it right with Go Back To Wear You Came From, they have a great balance filling that 6th spot. It just seems to me that with the ABC if we haven’t heard of them it’s our problem… and yes, we are not Australian enough. Like you jokingly said… we should hand back our passports.

        So much exciting young talent in Australia where is it represented here? Young people that love art, but what famous idols have they got tot see here?

        Ask any celebrity listings agency who the most famous person in the world is right now, Kim Kardashian will be in their Top 3. The scale for…

        • TEN would argue Carrie Bickmore’s audience is predominantly young. I would also suggest given the kind of interviews / paintings Anh does (!) that he leans towards people with life experience. Granted Bindi Irwin has experiences worth hearing, even though they have opted for Terri.

  3. Amazing people in this list of guests, but very unaccessible for a younger audience? 37 year old Lauren Jackson a basketball player who I’m sure has a great story, but come on ABC is that really the best you’ve got??? An ensemble cast of guests should cater to a broader audience than ageing snooty lefties. Just one or two young pop culture icons would have been nice, complimented and broadened the viewership (well at least tried).

    You can still hit topics and subject, story and have great things to paint…

    – A young Aussie actor who’s suffered with mental health issues.
    – A talented on screen war vet.
    – A young fashion designer influenced by her roots who’s travelled the world.
    – A celebrity chef who’s suffered hardships as a businessman in the limelight.
    – A cheating sports star looking for remotion after former glories.
    – A bra boy turned creative genius.

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