Returning: Once Upon a Time

The seventh and final season of Once Upon a Time begins on 7flix soon with a double episode.

Catch season 7 of Once Upon a Time, with two back-to-back episodes premiering on Saturday, June 16 at 5pm when Henry (Andrew J West) encounters a troubled Cinderella (Jessy Schramin) in a distant realm and is forced to make difficult choices.

Saturday 16th of June at 5pm on 7flix.


  1. 5.00pm on a Saturday? You’d think that 7 would be able to find a better slot given the high number of elderly repeats on 76 and other channels.

  2. I actually just got caught up from season 4 up til now (was a few seasons behind) and finished s6 recently so it’s still fresh in my mind. This was a nice surprise.

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