River Cottage Australia host to front Catalyst docs

It was back in early 2017 when Foxtel confirmed it was not continuing with River Cottage Australia.

“I lost count of how many goats got murdered,” Foxtel’s Brian Walsh quipped.

But the 64 episodes have been screening on SBS gathering a following for host Paul West. ABC explored a co-production but while it was not to be, West has been making appearances in Gardening Australia and he is guest presenter of Back Roads on June 25 (pictured top).

He is is currently working on a two-episode special for Catalyst due in August.

“It’s a mini-doco about science’s role in meeting the food demands of a world population of five billion people, looking at the role science plays in food production,” he says.

Meanwhile the Tilba based farm was sold last year, but is now an Air BnB rental for around $350 a night.

Please mind the goats!

Source: Riot ACT, About Regional

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